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Does This Topical Caffeine Spray Actually Work?


New Sprayable Energy caffeine spray. New Sprayable Energy caffeine spray.

Imagine if your morning java jolt came in a colourless, odourless liquid that you could spray on like a perfume instead of drinking it.

Well, that’;s the premise behind Sprayable Energy, a new topical, chemical-free caffeine spray created by entrepreneurs Ben Yu and Deven Soni. 

The promise? Smooth, focused energy and a “healthier and more effective” alternative to coffee and energy drinks. As a non-coffee lover, I was definitely intrigued!

Here’;s how each 8 mL bottle comes packaged:

The outer packaging of Sprayable Energy. The outer packaging of Sprayable Energy.

On the back, it lists the ingredients, which are simply:

  • Caffeine (used for thousands of years for energy)
  • Tyrosine (a natural amino acid produced by the body)
  • Water

No sugar, no chemicals, no calories, no preservatives. And nothing that could stain your teeth!

Inside is a small black bottle that fits in the palm of your hand—perfectly purse-friendly:

The 8 mL black bottle of Sprayable Energy. The 8 mL black bottle of Sprayable Energy.

To use the spray, you simply twist to reveal the dispenser:

Twist the bottle to open the dispenser. Twist the bottle to open the dispenser.

In my typical fashion, I was so eager to try this that I immediately woke up the next morning and sprayed it on my neck. 

Fast-forward to an hour later and I felt a massive headache coming on.

Now I know why—I didn’;t use the recommended amount of sprays, which is 4 to 6. So I was going through the dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache (because even though I don’;t love coffee, I still drink a couple of cups each morning for the energy).

Here’;s how you’;re actually meant to use it:

[embedded content]

As soon as I upped my “dose,” I realized—this stuff really does work! And like they say, it’;s an energy that comes upon you more gradually, instead of the instant hit of, say, an espresso.

So why couldn’;t you just buy some caffeine powder and make your own spray? Well, the innovation here is how active the caffeine remains. Caffeine by nature isn’;t very soluble in water, so it’;s very challenging to transport enough in a spray to have significant effect. The founders of Sprayable Energy discovered that they could increase caffeine’;s solubility 5 fold by using a simple derivative of a naturally produced amino acid, tyrosine.

Each bottle of Sprayable Energy contains more than 40 uses, or 160 sprays. Since they sell for US$ 15 each, that works out to $ 0.38 per “serving”—way cheaper than a Starbucks!

I’;ve actually taken to spraying the stuff on my face instead of my neck, for extra benefits. Here’;s an article from The Guardian that suggests topical caffeine may help guard against skin cancer, which is amazing. It may also help with conditions such as dermatitis, psoraisis and even cellulite (guess I should spray it on my thighs next!).

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Find Sprayable Energy at and

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