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Do or Will not: Amanda Seyfried’s French Braided Updo


Amanda Seyfried at the 2015 premiere of 'While We're Young'. Amanda Seyfried at the 2015 premiere of ‘While We’;re Young’;.

Amanda Seyfried was born lovely, and if there’;s any doubt in your mind about that reality, just go and re-watch ‘Mean Girls’;. (Hey, it is on Netflix now!)

But even innate gorgeousness might not be ample to pull off the hairstyle she wore to this week’;s NYC premiere of her most current film, ‘While We’;re Young’;.

Here is her head-to-toe:

Amanda Seyfried in a Valentino dress. Amanda Seyfried in a Valentino dress.

The printed red dress is Valentino—and I’;m fine with it, except for the large neckline, which can genuinely throw a wrench into your hair ideas. Add a bow to it, and you happen to be pretty significantly required to wear an updo, and this is exactly where issues can get dicey.

Especially if you give your hairstylist free rein. 

From makeup artist Katey Denno’;s Instagram: “Amanda Seyfried told Renato Campora to do no matter what he needed to her lovely head of hair tonight… and this beautiful hairdo is what he did!”

Amanda Seyfried's tight, French braided updo. Amanda Seyfried’;s tight, French braided updo.

Well, this “stunning hairdo” is kinda producing Amanda appear like an alien. Know what I indicate?

Currently, she has large, broad-set eyes, and a heart-shaped face. The double French braids absolutely exaggerate these items, and the complete issue looks so severe. And TIGHT! I have a headache just seeking at it. 

Here’;s how it looked from the side:

Amanda Seyfried's braided updo from the side. Amanda Seyfried’;s braided updo from the side.

I can appreciate the handiwork, but it truly is like the hairstylist was making an attempt to do his own version of a non-surgical facelift. Not that Amanda needs assist in that way. 

Has there ever been a a lot more unforgiving hairstyle?!

Here’;s the rear view:

The back of Amanda Seyfried's braided updo. The back of Amanda Seyfried’;s braided updo.

I would’;ve imagined this was super great when I was 7.

Possibly Amanda should’;ve taken a cue from Felicity Jones, who also wore a large-necked dress with a bow recently. She, too, did an updo—but it’;s all soft and sweet, with a sweeping side bang. And her makeup (that epic cat eye) was a lot significantly less heavy-handed. Your ideas?

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