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Dior Cheek & Lip Glow is the Pink Stain That Dreams Are Produced Of


Keep in mind how obsessed I was (and nevertheless am) with the Dior Nail Glow? 

Well, now Dior has come out with a model for the face called Cheek & Lip Glow, and it truly is best.

The packaging of Dior's new Cheek & Lip Glow. The packaging of Dior’;s new Cheek & Lip Glow.

The idea behind the brand’;s Glow lineup—which includes this lip and cheek stain, the nail polish and this (also incredible) lip balm is generally “you, only far better” attractiveness. Each gives you a sheer, transparent wash of rosy pink colour, as if you have been flushing from inside.

Sound excellent? I imagined so.

Cheek & Lip Glow, which comes in just one particular universal shade, features a colour-adjusting technologies that reacts to the moisture levels in your skin and lips. That implies it will produce into your personal customized degree of colour.

Dior Cheek & Lip Glow develops into a customized flush depending on your moisture levels. Dior Cheek & Lip Glow develops into a personalized flush based on your moisture ranges.

The texture is a gel, and it really is very fluid, though not as liquidy and spill-susceptible as, say, a Benetint. And it’;s not glossy like Sonia Kashuk’;s Lip & Cheek Tint, yet another favourite of mine. As an alternative, it dries into a seamless, flat stain that you can not even come to feel on your skin—it actually seems like it is coming from the inside rather of makeup.

The minty-rosy scent is divine. And I gotta say, the ball applicator is the cutest point I’;ve ever seen.

The rounded applicator of Dior's Cheek & Lip Glow. The rounded applicator of Dior’;s Cheek & Lip Glow.

Here is what it seems to be like on my skin:

Swatch of Dior Cheek & Lip Glow (still wet). Swatch of Dior Cheek & Lip Glow (still wet).

You can genuinely see how sheer and fluid it is, right? This is ahead of it dried down, so the moist look all evaporates inside a minute.

Now, if you happen to be arranging to dress in this on your cheeks, a handful of caveats. 1st, I’;m not positive how well it will show up on medium and dark skin tones. Even on me—pale as can be—one layer as a blush is really subtle. But this might be because of the colour-adjusting technology, and perhaps it’;ll go deeper on darker skin, I never know. 

I’;ve found that I can construct it up if I do a repeat layer, as you can see in this pic. Bit far more extreme:

Wearing Dior Cheek & Lip Glow on cheeks and lips. Wearing Dior Cheek & Lip Glow on cheeks and lips.

A heads up even though, blending becomes a lot more of a issue when you begin layering it up. If you appear closely, my application is a bit patchy on one particular cheek. Oops! I need to have taken much more time with it. That said, I do locate this stain a lot less complicated to work with than the fast-drying Benetint. (Poor Benetint… I utilized to enjoy him, but I have moved on.)

I’;m also wearing a few layers of Cheek & Lip Glow on my lips, and that is where I adore it most of all.

Is this the perfect lip stain or what?! Is this the best lip stain or what?!

Obsessed, I tell you. I really like the colour I love the finish I adore how it feels (which is like nothing at all). 

If you are a stain addict like myself, this is one particular prod you never want to miss!

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