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Cutest DIY Death Star Bath Bombs


Cutest DIY Death Star Bath Bombs

Star Wars fans, I’m here to make you happy! Now you can make more and more items dedicated to your favorite films yourself! I’m not talking only about costumes, wallpapers, wall art, prints and other stuff, I’m talking about cute little crafts that can warm up your soul and become perfect gifts for anyone who loves Star Wars. These cutest bath bombs are shaped like Death Stars, and I have never seen anything cooler than that! And they all-natural, so they won’t harm anyone.

Prepare baking soda – 100 gramm, citric acid – 80 gramm, corn starch – 100 gramm, Epsom Salts or sea salt  – 4-6 tbsp, glitter (optional), essential or fragrance oil – 2 tsp (optional), coconut oil – 2 tbsp, food coloring – 3 or 4 drops. First blend all the dry Ingredients together in a big bowl. You can do the next step in two different ways. Either you blend them together in a different bowl or you can add them step by step separately to the dry mix while whisking. You should be left a with a damp sand kinda consistency.  It should stick together when you squish it. Continue reading the tutorial in the source.

Cutest DIY Death Star Bath Bombs
Cutest DIY Death Star Bath Bombs

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