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Cute and Trendy Accessories You Can Wear Right Now


We’ve all wanted to wear the trendiest clothes and the trendiest outfit more than wearing the trendiest accessories. But it doesn’t hurt to know what accessories are stylish this season. With all this nostalgia for the previous era, there might be at least one old accessory stashed underneath your closet that would be in again this season.

Besides, you might just be wearing something completely ordinary this summer, but you could still look trendy and stylish with the help of a few accessories.

Here are some of the trendiest and cutest accessories that you can wear this summer.

  1. Mini handbags
    You might think that mini handbags isn’t as functional as it is. But then when you’re attending an event that requires you to bring stuff at a minimum, you might be surprised at how…handy these little handbags can be. Anyway, it gives an instant chic look, wouldn’t you agree?

    small hand bag

    mini handbag
  2. Crossbody or sling bags
    Whether you’re wearing it across your body or just slinging it over one of your shoulder, a sling purse is definitely one of the hottest bags this seasons. One particular bag that’s gaining lots of attention is Celine’s crossbody purse(the first image below) and why won’t it be? The design practically goes well with any kind of outfit–whether it’s formal or casual. And the great thing about sling bags is that they allow you to have both of your hands available when shopping.

    celine crossbody bag
    crossbody bag purse

    sling bag celine
  3. Platform, chunky heels
    You might want to set aside those pairs of sexy stilettos because the chunky platform heels are coming back. Because of its bulkiness, the heels makes your feet look smaller tha they really are. Also, they offer a significant boost in your height without the struggle for balance that stilettos usually come with.

    platform chunky heels victoria beckham

    platform wooden chunky heels
  4. Gladiators
    Gladiator sandals have been absolutely abundant in the runway and on the streets this year. It gives this instant edginess to any kind of outfit and you might not know this but it’s totally wearable on any occasion. The key here is to know the right gladiators to where. I’d suggest wearing the knee-high gladiators with a shirt dress or any bottom with a hemline that hits the thigh for hanging out at the club; a flat gladiator sandals for a casual day outfit; and a gladiator heels that rises a few inches from your ankle for work.

    knee high gladiator heels

    gladiator flat sandals

    gladiator heels
  5. Statement Earrings
    You might just be wearing something simple or minimalist but a certain glam near your face will make you look well-dressed. Also, with eye-grabbing statement earrings, the attention will move to your face. For this, I’d suggest a strategic hairdo that will draw the attention to the earrings and your face. A hairdo that’s simple and sleek.

    statement earrings cara delevingne

    statement earrings lily collins

    statement earrings gwyneth paltrow
  6. Statement Cuffs
    It is not necessary anymore to bear the weights of a dozen bracelets just to make your arms look glammed up. As they say, simplicity is beauty, and that’s definitely the principle we want to remember when incorporating one statement cuff to our outfit. Find one that’s metallic (gold or silver), with bold design, or made in bold colors.

    statement gold cuff

    statement cuff
  7. Aviator Sunglasses
    Wearing an aviator sunglasses can turnover what would have been a simple outfit into something edgy and made-up. And with the heat and the frequent visit to the beach, you’d want to pack a sunglasses for a stroll outside. And an aviator sunglasses is perfect in terms of functionality and style.

    aviator sunglasses kendal jenner

    aviator sunglasses victoria beckham
  8. Elegant and minimalist hair accessories
    These elegant yet simple hair accessories is guaranteed to be a perfect hair ornament to any events. I personally loved the golden hoop barrette because of the simplicity and elegance of it.

    celine golden barrettes

    golden hair accessories

    ballerina inspired headband

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