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Comforting DIY Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub With Crucial Oils


Himalayan pink salt is a excellent culinary ingredient, which is complete of a lot more than 80 minerals and helpful components. Even so, these aspects can usually be far more accessible to the body via dermal absorption. This is why a body scrub employing Himalayan pink salt and important oils can perform wonders with your skin and give you necessary rest following a difficult day. Here’s the complete list of elements that you require: 8 oz pink Himalayan sea salt, 2 oz coconut oil, one oz sweet almond oil, 10 drops rose geranium crucial oil, 5 drops pink grapefruit crucial oil, 5 drops ylang ylang important oil and dries rose petals. As soon as you combine the ingredients in a jar, you can gently massage the scrub into moist skin just before a warm bath. Soak, rest and enjoy!

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