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Best Wedding Dress For Men Tips You Will Read This Year


So, ladies this post is for you and your future husband. The trend of boring plain suits and for the Groom & his Groomsmen are so passe. These days the wedding attire for grooms are not only limited to coats and sherwanis, there are a hell lot of options available in the market, only thing is that you need to explore and try! Don’t we love to do everything we can just to make the bride look superb on her big day? But what about the groom? We often forget that it’s his big day too. We agree that bride is the limelight of the show and she need to be dressed up properly, but it doesn’t mean that the groom don’t have to think about what he is going to wear. No, don’t trust me blindly, do ask your photographer – when it comes to your wedding day, your groom too needs to look GOOD. After all, they’re 50% of the subject that matters in your wedding album and wedding film. And when it comes about a wedding in India, it’s all about traditional wear, shopping and more shopping. And how can we forget the fact, when it comes to Indian grooms, traditional wear never loses their charm. Wait did u just said that you need style guru? Let Zakoopi be your style guru and help you suit up in the best way possible. But first things first, let us tell you the ground rules for selecting a wedding dress for men like sherwanis in delhincr.

Rule number one: Don’t ever, ever think of wearing white to a wedding. Try to avoid white as much as you can, be it the engagement party, the bachelor party or all that events like haldi and sangeet. The only exception to this rule is if the invite says that the dress code is white.

Rule number two: Be respectful to religious affiliations. If you know the wedding venue is a Catholic church, it will be a good idea to cover your arms with a sweater and avoid showing too much of skin.

Rule number 3: You can wear black to a wedding—it’s not off-limits. It used to be taboo to wear black to weddings, but now it’s a new trend.

Rule number 4: It’s better to be overdressed than under dressed (only slightly, though. Don’t show up in a tux to a semi-formal wedding).

Play with styles: Just because it’s your wedding it doesn’t mean that you have to sport sherwani for every wedding function. Try to style yourself differently for all the pre-, post- and wedding functions. We are not asking you to ditch your so favourite sherwani, we are just recommending to heat the style quotient by adding different elements. How about going for the dhoti-kurta combination with Nehru jacket or the Churidar one, isn’t it cool? But yes, always prefer a proper fitted 3 piece suit or tuxedo for the reception or cocktail party.

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The colour palette: Enough of bling, bling and bling it’s time to ditch the same old golden, brown and beige combinations. Instead, just add a vibrant colour code to your wedding wardrobe. Go for an electric blue Nehru jacket for your sangeet, an orange kurta for the day functions, a colourful stole with your sherwani for the wedding and a multi-coloured or subtle colour coat at the reception. Just remember to go for fun colours that best suit your skin tone, or match it up with your bride’s attire.

­Accessorize smart: Accessorizing doesn’t mean to don jewellery like a lady. But to add a few classy accessories in your ensemble will never harm. Carry a pearl necklace instead of gold chains and wear a simple yet elegant scarf to look royal on your big day. You may even play the game with the headgear. Turbans are so boring, so instead of the usual turbans, try to add an element of your heritage like a studded kalgi and stand apart for the crowd.­­


The shoe story: You might be wearing an expensive and designer suit or sherwani but if you have teamed it up with the wrong footwear, your look is just spoiled or in short you have decreased the value of your so called so expensive or designer suit or sherwani. The best way to pick a footwear that will go well with your wedding attire is to choose your attire and then footwear. The style for your footwear should depend upon the occasion and the attire that you are planning to wear.Go for something traditional like mojris for attire like sherwani, a pair of cool loafers for your cocktail or bachelor’s party and for the reception nothing works best than a pair for black shoes.

So all said and done but I can make one promise to you – if you are going to follow the basic rules about dressing on your big day, you’ll look so handsome that you will steal the show by your style statement.

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