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Beard Styles for Bald Guys-30 New Facial Hairstyles for Bald Heads


Beard Fashion for Bald Men: Growing old is good but if you are getting bald then it might be bit alarming. According to international fashion trends, a man bun was very in but in just a few months bald head took its place. Good news for naturally bald men indeed. But it might look too bizarre having no hair on face or head at all. So having some facial hair with a bald head, either natural or shaved head, would look quite masculine and stylish. From chin strips to  handle beard and full beards, everything could look awesome on men of any age. Here are few reasons and styles why you should go bald but still look handsome and that’s possible just by following the new fashion trend.

How to Style Your Beard for Bald Guys


This year beard is a trend for which looks good on all men regardless of their age. Those men who lack hair on the head get a balanced look by adding beard on the face. Beard with a shaved head is a combination which works at every facial hair length, from designer stubble to full beards, one can have their own style statements. Check out these pictures if you need more convincing ideas to be bald and handsome.

#30- Masculine Look with Full Beard

To get the best shape for your facial hair, talk to your barber about how long you want to go and what is flattering for your head and face shape. A full beard with a curved mustache and shape to match his head looks very masculine and this look is easy to get.



#29- The Cool Guy Summer Look

This look is not much difficult to get. Many men do not like having hairy head and they prefer to shave head. In this case, half jaw strap with covered chin and moustache could give you a stylish look.



#28- Impressive Facial Hair Style for Old Men

Getting old and bald could not stop you from looking handsome. Just try this style.



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