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Awesome DIY Leather Feather Lariat Necklace


This necklace is a beautiful accessory for every monophonic pullover or shirt! Let’s make it. You’ll need leather or faux leather, jewelry glue, leather cord (1/8-inch thick), beads (2), 6mm jump rings (13), sharp scissors, jewelry pliers, toothpicks and acrylic paints. Cut out two leather ovals; each one should measure two to 3 inches long. Trim the ends of the oval to create sharp points. Using a toothpick and the acrylic paint, paint a dotted vertical line down the middle of each piece. Add a few more lines at an angle. Alternate between dotted and frayed brush-like strokes. Repeat with additional colors of acrylic paint. The final color palette is completely up to you. Set aside to dry. Next steps of the instruction are here.

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