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9 Different Ways To Wear Pant Suits Anytime


Women have been taking cue on men’s fashion for quite a while now, even incorporating garments usually found in the ol’ Saville Row with chic styles and accessories that we have already loved. The result? A truly fine line between polished and chic, the androgynous style.

Pant suits are usually the first thing that comes to one’s mind when you think of androgyny. A pants suit is composed of 3 key pieces: a blazer or jacket, an undershirt, and a pair of trousers. It’s an outfit made and was intended to be worn by corporate men and those who works in an office, tailored loosely while still looking crisp.

And yet somehow, when worn by the ladies, it gives off this stark polished look and still make it look stunningly feminine. Whether it’s loose and literally taken from a men’s wardrobe or tailored to fit your curves, a pants suit is definitely something that you want to have in your wardrobe.

Here are 16 different yet equally stylish ways to wear pants suits anytime.

The Standard Gray – The most common way of dressing up suit is by wearing it in fifty shades of gray. And no, ladies, there isn’t any bondage involved here. A little tip to spice up this typical color code? Here are your options: you can wear it as loose as the guys and pair it with a sexy pair of mules, choose a flared trousers that will hide your heels, or let the feminine side of the outfit conquer by wearing form-fitting pants and caged heels.

3 piece suit grey suit flare pants grey suit

White Pant Suits – This one’s super great for summer, especially when white is one of the biggest color trends of the season. You can go all-out with white or keep wear an undershirt with bold prints. Keep in mind to only wear this when you are either certain no stain will go your way or that you have extra clothes bought with you.

white pant suit white pants suit printed undershirt

Pastel Preference – This is another way of putting a touch of femininity to this menswear-inspired outfit. And what I like most about pastel pant suits is the fact that the playfulness of the color or shade contrasts greatly to the usually neat and sleek tailoring of the suit.

blue pastel pant suit pink and blue suit

Patterned Perfection – If you’ve seen the hit comedy TV series, The Big Bang Theory, then you could see how, one of the main characters, Sheldon Cooper wears his checked suits in such a way that might scare fashion mavens. If not, then a clue here: he mixes up the patterns.

And while that’s not an overly serious problem, it’s best to have just one pattern (checkered, plaid, or stripes) in your outfit. Then the other plain pieces is preferably in neutral color so as to complement with the pattern.

pant suits crop top check suit striped suit

Bold Choices – While this might not be entirely ideal in the office environment, pant suits in bold colors are a great outfit to flaunt out to the streets or an attire for parties. Like the patterned ones, just choose one bold color and let that speak for itself.

bright blue suit bright yellow suit

Shiny Is Dressy – The stars wearing this style below proves that pant suits made in glossy silky material is totally red carpet-wearable. And the material makes it dressy enough to be worn on semi-formal events and gives that certain amount of flair that you’ll need in your outfit.

androgynous suit anne hathaway short suits amanda seyfried

Keep It Short – Shorts suits are also great during the warmer seasons. Plus, it has the wonderful combination of sleekness and polished look on the top and casual and chic feel on the bottom.

short suits striped shorts suit

Undershirt Alternative – An alternative for those buttoned-down collared shirts are silky blouses or plain shirts. As a result to this, that change in undershirt will most likely give a little more casualness to your attire that serves as a great transition from office to club outfit.

short suits and loafers short suits crop top mules

No Undershirt At All! – This has been abundant especially in the red carpet. Without the third piece in the suit, the lady wearing it will have this alluring and plunging V-neckline that brings the attention to her upper body and face. This V-neckline will also give a contrasting effect with the stiff suit.

two piece suit olivia wilde two piece suit anna kendrick

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