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7 Minimalist Outfit Ideas To Wear This Summer


If you want to look cool and polish effortlessly for this summer, then I’d suggest you take the route of minimalism. Minimalist fashion allows you to give off a cool and polished look without trying too hard. Basically, anything with simple silhouettes and plain colors are deemed minimalist. But with a toned down print and an ensemble that sticks to at most two colors, you can achieve a minimalist look.

Here are 7 minimalist outfit ideas that you could wear for the summer.

  • One-color neutral
    This is probably one of the easiest way to dress in minimalist style, an outfit comprising only one color. But for it to look successfully minimalist, it’s best to stick to neutrals: black, white, brown, et cetera. Blues, yellows and reds might look good with the right shade but an all-red, all-blue outfit just doesn’t exactly achieve the polished look that, say, an all-black or all-white can.

    all white minimalist

    minimalist sporty sneakers and romper

    all grey minimalist
  • Black & white
    Black and white is a classic color combination but it’s a good minimalist color combo too. Try it with few subtle accessories or no accessory at all and let the outfit speak for itself.

    crop top black and white daphne groeneveld

    minimalist sleeveless trench
  • With a lil’ nude color
    Pairing any nude shade to white or black (preferably the former) is walking through the fine line between chic and feminine, and polished and cool and this is also a kind of minimalist outfit. The nude color usually adds a little femininity on an outfit. And this is great with minimalism since it does this without loosing its polished edge.

    minimalist nude pink and white

    minimalist white and nude

    minimalist black white brown
  • Plain white shirts
    Your plain white shirt will deem a great and must-have piece for a simple yet sophisticated-looking minimalist outfit. You can tuck a slightly fitting on underneath your chosen bottom, wear one oversized shirt untuck over a long midi skirt for a tunic-y dressy look or wear one with a boxy silhouette with a pair of tailored pants. That’s outright minimalist, I tell you.

    shirt and midi skirt minimalist

    minimalist oversized shirt and skirt

    sporty minimalist shirt
  • Denim dream
    Denim clothes is the epitome for sartorial simplicity. It’s basic at its best. For a sleek and neat minimalist ensemble, find one that’s fit or tailored and pair it with neutral colors in any shades. The trick for not looking too casual and loose here is to lay off overly noticeable accessories. Keep them at minimum and simple.

    minimalist electric blue

    minimalist top and distressed shorts
  • Brightly pieces
    Yes, you can sport a bright-colored piece and style it minimally. Keep in mind to choose just one brightly piece for the attire, a piece that has a simple or subtle silhouette. Then, pair that piece with neutrals.

    minimalist black and orange

    minimalist orange and lace
  • Unexpected pieces
    You might think that prints and metallic hues are impossible to wear in a minimalist outfit but they actually can be. For instance, a checked pants in two colors can be used for minimalistic outfit and so does a striped shirt. Just keep in mind that the prints are in discrete shades or and at most comprises of two colors. Meanwhile, look for metallic hues that are in darker shades rather than bright to avoid one that is borderline neon.

    minimalist metallic crop top and suede skirt

    all grey minimalist

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