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6 Hairstyle Do’s and Don’ts for Oblong Face


Hairstyle Do’s and Don’ts for Oblong Face

Oblong-shaped faces just like any other shapes of faces have their shares of advantages and disadvantages. While the sleekness of the facial structure enable people with oblong face to complement many hairstyles, there are yet some to avoid, so that you can avoid making your face narrower and longer. Instead, your aim should be to add width to your facial structure to make it appear more balanced. Below mentioned are some hairstyle do’s and don’ts and tips for oblong faces. Make sure that you follow these tips every time your style your hair to make your face’s dimension appear more balanced out.

Hairstyle Do’s


Oblong faces are often characterized by wide foreheads and bangs can wonderfully help conceal and minimize the length of the face. Ranging from side swept bangs to blunt bangs and even fringes; you can resort to any types of hair bangs to reduce the unwanted length of your oblong face and to make it appear wider and roundish.


Style It Wavy Or Curly

As you may be aware of the fact that vertical lines add to length and sleekness, pin-straight hair also being vertical, will add on to the length of your oblong face. Hence; if you want to avoid making your face appear sleeker and lengthier, it is better to avoid styling your hair straight. Instead, you can resort to wavy or curly hairstyles. Waviness adds width to face, thereby combating the excessiveness lengthiness and sleekness of oblong faces. And even if you decide to style your hair straight, do settle for bangs or fringes to reduce the length of your face. However; avoid adding curls to the crown region to avoid make the face appear longer.

Style It Wavy Or Curly

Side Parting

It is vital for women with oblong face to side part their hair, instead of opting for middle parting. This is because; side parting helps to draw the eyes away from the length of the face, thereby adding on to its width. On the contrary, middle parting will visually divide the face into two equal sections and the straight strands of hair will make your face appear longer and narrower. However; you can resort to middle parting if you plan to style your hair curly. This is because, curly hair greatly add-on to the width of the face and neat middle parting with no or tamed flyways on top of head will rather make the face appear more square than oblong and narrow.

Side parting

Hairstyle Don’ts

Volume At Crown

Nothing can be more disastrous for oblong face than to add volume to the crown region of the head. This is because, voluminous structures like pouf and tight curls, visually add on to the length of the face, thereby making it appear narrower.

Volume at the crown

One Length

Layers are great for oblong faces, if you plan to style your hair straight. Small layers help to visually divide the length of the face, thereby making it appear wider than narrower. Hence; it is better to avoid cutting your hair in one length and this applies specifically to dark and blonde hair, because both are visually striking and will make the face appear narrower.

one length

Tame Flyaways

Flyaways add-on to the length of the face and if you have serious amounts of flyways on the top of your head, it is always better to keep them tamed to make your hair appear smoothed out on the top.

Tame Flyaways

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