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6 Fabulous Tips on Wearing Tulle Skirts Right Now


Whether you’re you are making it yourself or purchased it in a store, tulle skirts are greatly abundant this spring and will also be this summer. And that is not a surprise since the skirt is whimsical, flirty, and downright girly–totally perfect for the seasons. Tulle skirts are commonly used as the costume skirts for ballerinas, the tutu.

But can you wear it outside ballet? Of course you can! And whether you want to look like a ballerina or not while wearing tulle skirt, here are some awesome tips on how to wear tulle skirts for the spring and summer.

  • Choose between puffy or not puffy
    Depending on what you’ll wear with the skirt and where you’ll wear the outfit, the puffiness is something you’d want to consider. For instance, you would want to wear something less puffy for work. And for slouchy or loose tops, you don’t want a skirt that will puff out with a tea dress silhouette because this will just distort the shape of your outfit.

    tulle skirts and stripes

    tulle skirt and fit top
  • Keep away from ballet flats
    One important thing to consider when you want to wear tulle skirt without looking like a ballerina is to lay off the ballet flats or any flat closed shoes. Pumps are tolerable since the heels makes it less like a ballet shoes. You’d also want to veer off the knee-high gladiators for the same reason. Instead, opt for heeled sandals or stilettos for a girlier look and platforms and boots to tone down the overwhelming girliness of the skirt.
    tulle skirt and boots

    tulle skirt and sneakers
  • Pair it with crop tops
    Crop tops can give two kinds of look with tulle skirts. It will either add a little allure to the outfit or, with the skirt cinched at the waist, create a fake dress. Either way, crop tops are great for tulle skirts, no matter if it’s puffy or not.
    tulle skirt and crop top tulle skirt and crop top black
  • Layer it with blazer for work
    The great thing about blazer being paired with tulle skirt is that it balances out with the feminine touch of the skirt. The blazer is tailored and well-structured and most likely a menswear-inspired garment. And the tulle skirt is one of the main definition of princess. This way, you can wear this combination to work. Let the hem of the blazer graze over to the skirt but don’t put on an overly-fitting blazer.

    tulle skirt and black blazer

    tulle skirt and boots brown

    tulle skirt and blazer
  • Keep a fresh summery look with loose sleeveless tops
    This outfit combination is definitely ideal for casual wear. And it gives a refreshing look to its wearer. Other than that, it’s also great for Sunday brunch or lunch dates. And you can slip on an overcoat for the night.

    tulle skirt and fringe top

    tulle skirt full and sleeveless top

    tulle skirt full and tank top

    tulle skirt and top
  • Menswear-inspired clothes to balance the femininity of the skirt
    I’ve said this in the blazer. But here, with leather jackets and military jackets, it’s a more casual take on “menswear-inspired top and feminine tulle skirt balancing effect” scheme. And while blazer is a menswear-inspired clothing, the slouchiness and looseness of leather and military jackets that the blazer lacks adds up to the masculine balance of the outfit. I prefer an actual men’s jacket that will hang a few inches more than the skirt for an extra casual-baggy-yet-chic look.

    tulle skirt and military jacket

    tulle skirt and leather jacket

    tulle skirt and leather

    tulle skirt and denim jacket

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