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6 DIY Last Minute Kids’ Halloween Costumes


6 diy last minute kids halloween costumes cover

Getting ready for Halloween? You need a costume not only for yourself but also for your kids and even pets! Even if you haven’t prepared much, there are always cool and quick DIY last minute ideas to realize. Today I’ll help you to dress up your children for Halloween with fast DIY tutorials, let’s get started.

Want a super easy last minute Halloween costume idea? These PANTONE color chips can be made in less than 30 minutes’ time. Plus they’re super affordable. All you really need is a piece of color posterboard and some simple office materials. Read more on how to create this cute and colorful costume in no time!

This is the easiest costume to put together last minute: a fun-sized Rosie the Riveter. A chambray shirt, jeans, and a polka dot head scarf is all you’ll need! For more details, read the tutorial.

This fast felt costume will fit both a boy and a girl, and it’s easy to make in almost no time. What can be more natural than a Jack-o-lantern pumpkin costume?

This is a super easy, last minute one you can pull together with what you might have in your or a friend’s closet. We’re dressing up as Jane Fonda! A little toe touching, leg kicking, tap to the beat kind of outfit. This would be a great mother/daughter costume as well!

What’s great about this costume is that it’s super simple. You just make a few accessories that you could layer over your regular clothes. It would make a great costume to wear to school on Halloween, or for an adult it would be a perfect costume for work. Make a palette trick or treat basket out of cardboard.

Does your kid love super heroes? Make an actual super ‘H’ cape for your kid to practise superhero skills in public. Super hero costumes are a timeless idea that can be worn every year.

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