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6 DIY Chilling And Refreshing Mint Lip Balms


6 diy chilling and refreshing mint lip balms cover

Mint and peppermint are very refreshing, they aren’t only about Christmas, they are very nice for summer, too, if you want to feel super fresh. That’s why today I’m sharing some cool DIY mint lip balms that you can make to keep your lips cool this summer, let’s start!

This super moisturizing lip balm is made using various types of oils including almond and coconut and some peppermint essential oil to give it a fresh taste and an adorable smell, too. Your lips will feel nice and soft and you’ll refresh immediately, plus it’s a great gift for any gal. Enjoy!

Mint and honey is a great combo, so they are both used for making this balm. Such a natural combo will give moisture to your lips, they will be very soft and the taste of it is sweet and cool. Vitamin E and coconut oil also help to keep your lips extra soft, what a great combo of ingredients, isn’t it?

This tutorial will tell you how to make a lip balm with a very refined combo of tastes: cocoa and mint! Cocoa is incorporated as cocoa butter and mint is in the essential oil, the balm smells like heaven and makes your lips really wow. Thanks to cocoa butter and jojoba oil they will be very moisturized.

Here’s another tutorial with almost the same combo: chocolate and peppermint, all that is because this is a great combo! It is perfect to keep your lips hydrated but also to sooth already chapped lips, that’s why it’s called lip chap!

This isn’t just a peppermint balm, it’s colored! How to get your favorite color? Get out your favorite lip color, scrape a bit off of the tip (the more you add, the richer the color), and add it to your wax and oils as they are melting. Voila, you can make as many shades as you want.

This lip balm has only 3 ingredients, yes, 3! Beeswax pastilles, almond oil and peppermint essential oil, and the tutorial is very simple, too. It will become your favorite one due to the simplicity and you can make a lot of them to give to your friends, too.

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