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6 Cutest DIY Baby Halloween Costumes


6 cutest diy baby halloween costumes cover

Have a baby and don’t know how to dress up your wee one for Halloween? No problem, there are tons of costumes to recreate! You can dress up your child whatever you like to fit your own grownup’s costumes. Here are some DIYs to try.

Chicks are often used for kids party themes, and we’ve got a cuddly newborn chick pecking around for Halloween candy today. This might be the easiest costume yet! It only took a few minutes to make.

Want a tropical-themed costume? Go for a fun pineapple! That leaf collar and green hat is the Halloween gift that keeps on giving. So useful for so many costumes.

Sheep are cute and are often used for kids’ party themes and costumes. This is a great one that uses basic pieces you may have laying around your closet (and bathroom cupboard!). It’s also warm for a chilly night trick or treating.

DIY black sheep Halloween costume (via sayyes.com)

DIY black sheep Halloween costume (via sayyes.com)

Is your family obsessed with Pokemon Go? Here’s an easy costume for your little babe as a chubby, round Pokeball to catch your favorite Pokemon with and capture the hearts of a few adults along the way. The costumes is super easy to make!

Nothing makes a cuter cotton candy than an itty bitty baby, it’s almost a sweetness overload! Baby’s don’t care about being sort of goofy and in fluffy costumes so they’re the perfect fit for this suit although it could certainly be cute on a grown up! This costume only requires a few simple steps and it’s still comfy for baby so there shouldn’t be a fuss.

Conversation hearts are cute and sweet, and they are loved by everyone. This baby costume would also be a cute idea not only for Halloween but also for a Valentine’s Day, too! It’s pretty easy and there’s a large heart on the costume, aw-so-cute!

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