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6 Cute DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes


6 cute diy toddler halloween costumes cover

If you are a happy parent of a toddler or toddlers, this roundup is for you because we are sharing cool toddler Halloween costume that can be easily DIYed. Let’s have a look at some tutorials.

Your kid is pure sunshine and rainbow in one, because he or she gives you that much happiness! Highlight it with a sunshine and rainbow costume. This free sunshine Halloween costume pattern is sized for babies about one year old, but you can size it up or down as you need to. I think it’s a great Halloween costume idea for both boys and girls.

This is an easy last-minute DIY costume of a little witch Hermione. It’s definitely perfect to quickly pull together with things in the closet. Make her little brother a train conductor of the Hogwarts Express to complete the duo.

This fun pineapple costume is a gorgeous and funny idea for Halloween, it will fit both a boy and a girl. It’s made of yellow and brown felt and there’s a fun greenery-inspired headpiece. This costume was super easy and inexpensive to make, and can be adapted to make all sorts of fruit.

This really cute wolf costume is made of usual clothes, a tail and a mask and some sneakers – not very difficult. You can DIY the mask and tail or just buy them to save time. Such a cute costume will fit any kid, isn’t it a great idea?

This is another wolf costume – a white wolf pup costume! The piece is to be sewn completely, so if you aren’t ready for some sewing, this project won’t do. But if you are – just look how cute your child is in it!

These cute and funny tiger costumes are ideal for a kid’s duo. They can be DIYed from your kids’ usual clothes very easily and look super cute! The costumes are very comfortable and warm, so even if it’s chilly, your kids won’t feel cold.

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