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51 Best Short and Long Pixie Cuts We Love for 2018


Short hair, don’t care guys is the attitude for this article.  I know it sounds like a cliche but it’s true.  If you haven’t had short hair, you don’t know the feeling so these photos of great pixie cuts, may temp you to go short!  When you do transform from having long hair to short hair, you feel so refreshed.  Trending hairstyles nowadays are becoming shorter and shorter.  The shorter the better, in many people’s eyes.  To be honest, having looked at our selected pixie cuts, we can see why.  It is a very convenient haircut for busy women.  Many people choose to have short pixie cuts because they cannot maintain long hair.  They live a hectic lifestyle and realize that shorter hair works better for them.  Other, love short hair regardless of their lifestyle and many celebrities opt for a short cut too.  There are so many pretty, pixie cuts to choose from.  If you have thinner hair, pixie styles may work better for you as your hair will feel fuller and adds an element of height and dimension.

1. Pixie Cut with Bangs

This is a classic, neat and sexy pixie cut.

Feminine Pixie Cut with Bangs

Source: @dayana_jiselle

Mix a classic pixie cut with bangs and you get this.  It consists of one heavy side and the other side, is shorter.  Even though it’s short, this style is very versatile.  You can dress it up and down.

2. Longer, Messy Cut with Bangs and Highlights

A pixie cut doesn’t have to be very short.

Longer Messy Pixie Cut with Highlights

Source: @ezmialove

Take this longer pixie version with bangs and highlights.  This is an ideal hairstyle for those not wanting to go too short and still want full texture and a heavy fringe.

3. Short Cut for Natural Hair

This is a sexy cut for naturally curly hair.

Short Pixie Cut for Natural Hair

Source: @itstoian

Show off your sexy curls with this short pixie cut. It has minimal maintenance and looks perfect for any occasion.

4. Blonde Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

If you are looking for a total change, have this style.

Shaved Blonde Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Source: @dillahajhair

Dyeing your hair blonde and having a short pixie cut with side bangs, looks great.  One side is considerably shorter than the other and it works.  Having a new hairstyle can be an experience alone but when you go for a radical change and have your hair dyed too, you feel great.  Treat yourself to a makeover and have a pixie cut and colour for summer.

5. Longer Pixie Cut with an Undercut

A pixie cut will emphasis your face.

Long Red Pixie Cut with an Undercut

Source: @jejojejo87

If you choose to have this style, a longer pixie cut with an undercut, it will still show off your beautiful face.  At the same time, you will have the longer hair to play with.  Many people who choose to have the chop to a pixie cut, go for a longer pixie style before having the traditional shorter pixie.  This is because they aren’t too sure if the style will suit them or if they will like it.  Nine times out of 10, they will revisit their hairdresser to go shorter.

6. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical pixie cuts are as popular as ever.

Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut with Highlights

Source: @onelittlemomma

Frankie from The Saturdays is a great lover of this style.  It is an all year round style and looks so good with outfit.  It’s girly and looks classy.  Victoria Beckham also had this style at one point, both as a blonde and brunette.

7. Curly Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts do not have to be straight.

Curly Blonde Pixie Cut

Source: @sarahxmorrow

If you were to ask someone what they thought was a pixie style, they would probably say very short and straight.  If you said to the same person that this is also a pixie style, they would be shocked.  We think adding curls to pixie cuts look amazing and unique.  They are so cute and sexy.  The curls will add texture and make you hair fuller and thicker.

8. Grey Pixie Cut

Come on girlies, grey is trending and you could be the highest fashionista by mixing grey and a trending pixie cut!

Edgy Grey Pixie Cut

Source: @prettyfacesxo

We all love the grey colour that everyone is going crazy about.  It is a soft, delicate hair colour and hairstyle.  It has a retro vibe about it and stands out from the crowd.

9. Purple Pixie Cut

If you have been there, done that with grey hair, try purple hair.

Purple Colored Pixie Cut

Source: @beautsoup

Even if you haven’t tried grey hair, purple alone is a powerful, striking colour with vibrancy and it’s fun.  Teamed with a pixie cut and you will be catwalk ready.  It will complement your face and you will look amazing.  Remember, if you have dark hair,  to achieve a light purple colour, you will have to bleach your hair at the hairdresser then they will add the colour toner after.  This is to lift the colour beforehand and then you will achieve better results.

10. Blonde Pixie Cut for Round Face

This is the perfect hairstyle if you have a round face.

Blonde Pixie Cut for Round Face

Source: @amandalooma

Pixie cuts do look good on all kinds of hair types and face shapes but specific haircuts can flatter your face even more so.  This blonde pixie cut will enhance your round face and you will look fantastic.  Having side bands will narrow the shape of a round face.  If you look at the celelbrities will round faces, they all look great with a pixie cut.  Take Agyness Deyn and Keira Knightley, they both have looked stunning with this style.

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