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5 Ways To Prepare Hair Spray At Home With Cautions


Prepare Hair Spray At Home With Cautions

Making different kinds of hair styles, has become a part of fashion. And if you are one of them who loves to carry stunning look everyday then you must be aware of  using hair spray through which you can hold that style for the whole day. Without spray, it is difficult to fix flyovers that bothers you during your working hours. Now days, market is abundant with number of hair sprays and some of them brand promises a good quality without using chemicals. Unfortunately, these brands cost a lot as they use organic contents. You will be happy to know that preparing hair spray at home is very simple without using chemicals so you do not need to spend large money on expensive brands.

Lemon/ Orange Hair Spray

If you have dark hair color then use orange otherwise lemon will work with all shades. Chopped one lemon with peel, add two cups of water and boil around 15 minutes on high flame. If you have dry hair then 2-3 drops of argon oil, let it be cool down and add 6-7 drops of vodka as a preservative. Fill that spray in hair spray bottle and restore in the refrigerator.

Lemon-Orange Hair Spray

Sugar And Oil Hair Spray

This hairspray works best who has layers and find difficulty to fix splits while making hair styles. Take two cups of water, mix one table spoon of sugar and boil until it reaches to the half amount of liquid. Mix few drops of essential oil (it could be any oil) and add preservative (few drops of hydrogen peroxide)  or clear grain alcohol. After combing your hair, apply spray gently on your hair ends then create hairstyle. As it contains sugar so do not apply after finished look.

Sugar And Oil Hair Spray

Honey Spray ( For Super Hard Hold)

This spray is perfect for party hairstyles as it has capacity to hold your hair for long hours. For getting this spray, boil two cups of water, mix one table spoon salt, lemon juice (one lemon), 2-3 drops of honey, 4-5 drops white glue or you can use mayonnaise ( a thick creamy sauce). Boil until it remains a one cup liquid. After cooling down put few drops of vodka and store in a cool place. As it contains, sticky contents so it is advisable to wash your hair at the next morning after a gentle massage of any hair oil.

Honey Spray

Hair Coloring Spray

If you want to lighten your present hair shade then this is a natural treatment without using any chemicals. Boil 3 cups of water, let it be warm and add lemon juice ( 3 lemon), 2 table spoon of cinnamon powder, 6-7 drops of coconut oil. This spray is best for winter season, when you are taking a sun bath. Sprinkle that spray on hair, it effects instantly to light your hair’s shade. For summer season, you can spray and leave it for 3-4 hours and then do gentle wash with mild shampoo. Use this remedy twice in a week, gradually you will see the difference.

Hair Coloring Spray

Cautions While Using Hair Spray

Although these sprays contain natural substances but it is recommended not to use when you have applied artificial hair color as it is possible some chemical reactions with lemon and alcohol that resulted into hair damage. In addition, after applying hair spray, do not touch hair until it gets dry completely. For getting best result, after detangling your hair, first apply spray on your comb then make hair style.

Do Not Touch Hair

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