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5 Super Simple DIY Halloween Makeup Tutorials


5 super simple diy halloween makeup tutorials cover

Halloween is approaching, and it’s high time to think over a costume and a makeup you are going to have this year. If you don’t want much fuss, here are some very easy makeup tutorials that you can easily make and adding a simple costume you’ll be done. Let’s have a look at them.

Woodland creature makeup is all the rage this season! From foxes to owls, they are a super low key way to get dressed up for Halloween. This is deer makeup for Halloween – looks super cute and you won’t need a difficult costume, a great last-minute idea!

Whether you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on a costume, or maybe got invited to a party last minute, here are 3 Halloween makeup tutorials that can be done in under an hour!Cat makeup is a classic Halloween style which can easily be done in just a few minutes. Chances are you already have every product you need in your cosmetics bag!

Like Frozen? If you are going to be Elsa this year, you’ll love this tutorial! This simple bold makeup imitates her look perfectly and it won’t take much time to realize. You’ll look bold and cute like Else, and very girlish, I’d say.

A classic Halloween character and year-round symbol of all things spooky and scary is the ghost! Instead of going gory and gruesome, we decided to go for a more beautiful ghostly look that still maintains that underlying spook factor. For this edition of Halloween Makeup, it’s time to get your ghost on.

DIY Halloween ghost makeup (via https:)

DIY Halloween ghost makeup (via https:)

This is the perfect look if you’ve got no costume but want to look “dressed up.” You definitely need to do a cat eye look with the thick black winged out eye liner on your eye. Cats are really cute and if you add a girlish costume, you’ll be very sexy!

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