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5 style mistakes to avoid on a first date


 There are many moments in life that will send adrenaline rushing through your bloodstream. Everything from entering your dentist’s surgery for that 6-monthly check-up to that moment when you’re hit with the first question during a job interview. First dates can be even more stressful. Similarly to an interview, you’ll be under assessment to see if you’ll qualify for a second date. Or not. A major part of this appraisal will be based on your appearance. If you show up wearing an iffy outfit you could do serious damage to your chances. Here are 5 style mistakes that must be avoided.

Too casual


It doesn’t matter where you arranged your date, whether it was through a mutual friend or you hooked up via a dating site, you need to make careful choices before your first get-together. Wearing something you’ve thrown on won’t make you come across as fun and laid-back. Especially if those jeans you grabbed from the laundry basket have unidentifiable stains. You’ll only give the impression you couldn’t be bothered making an effort for this first date. Far better to pull out the stops and dress up for your partner. Then dressing-down for subsequent dates will demonstrate you are feeling relaxed about your new partner, in a positive way.

Play it safe


Another golden rule is to wear something you’ve worn before and are comfortable in. I remember meeting a young woman one time, wearing a pair of shoes I’d bought that very afternoon with the date in mind. Unfortunately it sometimes takes me a while to break-in new footwear: I usually have to stroll around a fair bit, enduring discomfort while the leather softens. So I ended up escorting my partner into a wine bar awkwardly, as if I was walking over hot coals. A female equivalent would be daring to wear those killer heels that lurk at the back of the wardrobe waiting for weddings. You could end up appearing like a tightrope walker, poised to plummet to the pavement at any moment!

Dress for the date


Consider your romantic location. If you’ve been invited to a fancy restaurant, turning up in jeans and sneakers will only make your date feel awkward, especially when they notice other diners staring towards your table. On the other hand, if the two of you are heading to your local multiplex to canoodle while watching the latest romcom it’s not necessary to do so wearing a 3-piece suit or an evening dress. The time to seriously dress down is if you’re going for a fun outing, like a night at the bowling alley or a karaoke pub.

Giving out signals


One important aspect of style is the message it will convey to your prospective partner. Many women take the opportunity to try giving out a sexy vibe. But a fine balance has to be achieved between sensuality and simply looking trashy. Sure, you want your date to be hooked by your eyecatching appearance, but not to the extent that he spends the whole time feeling he’s turning into a green-eyed monster as every other guy in the vicinity ogles you. By all means display some flesh. But this should be done subtly. The key to achieving a sexy look that will grab his attention in a much more alluring way is to only reveal one portion from this list: legs, arms, shoulder, cleavage or back.

Watch that hair


If you’re a guy, you need to be giving your hairstyle just as much thought as your attire. While your usual modus operandi when going out with your mates to the pub or a sports event might be to run some gel through it then go, your date will be far more impressed if you appear to have taken time to prepare. If you go for the bearded look this still needs to be well groomed. For women, letting your hair flow naturally will always be more preferable to the convenience of scrunching your hair into a bun and tugging it back from you face. You want your time together to progress towards the possibility of a relationship. Not as if you’re demanding to see his tax returns.

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