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5 Scary DIY Zombie Makeup Tutorials For Halloween


5 scary diy zombie makeup tutorials for halloween cover

Zombies are very popular characters for Halloween with all those zombie films around. They are scary and that’s why they are often portrayed for the parties – both by girls and guys. If you’ve decided on a scary costume and face this Halloween, this roundup is right what you need because I’ve prepared some zombie makeup tutorials that will really turn you in one!

This tutorial shows you how to get a good zombie look without using anything you don’t already have! The final look is incredibly scary, and all you need is to get a scary and shabby costume to finish off the look.

There are lots of tips and techniques to applying zombie makeup, but here you’ll find the process in a nutshell. If you want your zombie’s skin to look rotten and weathered, you can’t go wrong with liquid latex (that is, unless you’re allergic to it). You can apply it to stretched out skin to create some gnarly imperfections. In addition to your face, also apply makeup to your neck and any other parts of the body where skin is showing.

DIY zombie makeup in purple tones (via https:)

DIY zombie makeup in purple tones (via https:)

The whole zombie shtick is great for Halloween because it’s versatile. It works as a stand alone costume, or it can be combined with literally any other costume for a new twist. Zombie bride, zombie milkman, zombie Velma Dinkley, etc., etc. Plus the undead look can be achieved using mostly stuff you already have in your makeup kit.

This tutorial will tell you how to create a cute zombie’s look – just add a proper costume. You may also want to use brown/rust eyeshadow or brown facepaint to deepen the color for a more realistic look.

What’s great about zombies is that their look is almost completely up to interpretation; there’s not really a staple you need to be a zombie. Of course, if you’re really getting into the groove, you might have some open sores and rotting flesh. But if you’re crunched for time, or just don’t feel like shelling out any extra cash for makeup or special effects you’ll only use once, here’s a super-simple way to become a member of the undead.

DIY last minute zombie makeup (via https:)

DIY last minute zombie makeup (via https:)

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