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 5 Fun Ways to Personalize Your Look with Name Jewelry


Name Jewelry Fashion Ideas and Trends

Donning the name necklace became a trend when Carrie Bradshaw showcased the classic Carrie name necklace on the TV hit series show Sex and the City. From then it became a huge fashion statement and celebrities added this must-have appendage to everyday outfits. The name necklace expanded to all jewelry pieces and it became about adding that unique element to achieve a personal touch. Name Jewelry went global and extended to all languages and symbols. Namefully is the epitome of personalized name jewelry that takes it to another level of unique and eye-catching sophistication, fun and diva-friendliness. From rose gold, to birthstone and diamonds, to monograms and acrylics, it’s all here!Style these with funky outfits to get a complete funky and stylish look.

Here are 5 ways to personalize and get that unbelievable look to add to your outfits, whether casual or smart:

1 –  Carrie Name Necklace

Boast this classic name necklace piece and showcase yourself as a fashionista like Carrie Bradshaw and all the celebrities who have followed suit. This simple design can be customized to reflect one’s tastes and originality.A Carrie Necklace is sure to make one stand out from the crowd.

name jewelry style (13) 
name jewelry style (9)

2 –  By Language

It is always fun to personalize with the language one identifies with. Arabic Name Jewelry has become a great fashion statement because of its gorgeous letters and mystical illusion, that many celebrities have embellished themselves with intriguing name jewelry designs. Name jewelry has deep meaning like tattoos and which one wears close to the heart. Choose a meaningful word or name and display it with elegance.

name jewelry style (3)

Arabic Name Ring

name jewelry style (4)

Arabic Name Necklace

name jewelry style (12)

 3 –  Bling Bling

It is always great to add some diamonds or birthstones to add that splash of bling and “divaliciousness” as Beyoncé Knowles would say. Add some shine, diamonds and birthstones which give that air of sophistication, opulence and sentimental value. Each month has its own birthstone and this idea can be used to present someone with a special gift.

Name Bracelet

name jewelry style (5)

Name Written on Heart Shape Necklace

name jewelry style (6)

name jewelry style (8)
4 –  Funky & Edgy

This design offers something special: it’s different, funky, edgy and even spooky and Eli Goulding has been seen sporting this fun necklace. It is always a good thing to be daring and outrageously bold. Acrylic is a spunky material to add some color and liveliness to any outfit in which to be remembered and leave a lasting impression!

name jewelry style (1) name jewelry style (2)

 5 – Monogram Necklace

The monogram necklace is sleek and eye-catching and adds that personal touch with a little more subtlety. The monogram can be designed with any font, design and shape. Choose your own initials, that of you and a best friend, you and a loved one and cherish this piece close to your heart every day. This is sure to make a lasting impression to anyone who sees you. Taylor Swift boasts this fetching style with a charming design to match her personality.



Namefully have so many designs and templates that exude personality and style to turn anyone into an ultimate superstar and fashion diva. All it takes is some creativity, boldness and brilliance to spruce up your look. Everybody loves specialty name necklaces such as sorority jewelry, jewelry for couples, name earrings and rings, men’s jewelry; the list is endless. Name necklaces and jewelry are all about showcasing one’s name in a manner that reflects one’s style, fashion, personality and charm. Leaving the house without one of these amazing appendages is like leaving the house without a smile!

name jewelry style (7) name jewelry style (10) name jewelry style (11)

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