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5 Easy And Cute DIY Cat Halloween Costumes


5 easy and cute diy cat halloween costumes cover

Halloween is coming! I’m sure you are already looking for a costume and choosing makeup to stand out this year. If you have a pet, you should dress it, too! Today’s roundup is dedicated to cats, let’s see what you can DIY for you little kitty.

Faux animal heads are extremely popular for decor today, and you can follow the trend with this fun wall-mounted moose head! When you finish the costume, all you need to do is stick your pet’s head through the hole and you have a whimsical creature as a pet!

Want to dress up your favorite pet for Halloween? How about an Egyptian Pharaoh? And no Pharaoh is complete without his beautiful, golden headdress. Ok, this one is made out of felt and not gold but it still works in making your pet look very kingly. It’s actually very easy to make and the pattern is free to download. Complete the rest of the ensemble with the Ancient Egyptian Necklace tutorial.

DIY Egyptian Pharaoh costume (via https:)

DIY Egyptian Pharaoh costume (via https:)

This elegant Renaissance hat and collar ensemble is a chic idea. The nice thing about this costume is it doesn’t need many supplies. The hat can be created fairly quickly while the collar takes a bit more time to do. You can also add a bit more embellishment to the base of the cap, if your pet needs more bling.

DIY elegant Renaissance costume for a cat (via https:)

DIY elegant Renaissance costume for a cat (via https:)

If your cat ever seemed like a space alien you can make this hat to turn him or her into one for real. Knitting around a flexible pipe cleaner allows your cat’s third eye to peer in whatever direction you choose.

This costume is also very easy to make: your cat will have to put on only wings – bat wings, a true Halloween item! The wings are made of black felt, the tutorial is pretty easy – turn your kitty into a Batman!

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