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5 DIY Cat Makeup Tutorials For Halloween


5 diy cat makeup tutorials for halloween cover

Decided on a cute Halloween look? Then a cat one is right what you need – looks so cute! There are endless opportunities when it comes to your feline ensemble— sultry or sweet, classic or trendy, simple or dramatic. And by upping your makeup game to match your vibe, your short-notice kitty costume can look like you planned for weeks. Besides a costume, you’ll need a makeup, and I’m here to help you – I’m sharing DIY cat makeup tutorials for all girls that want a cute and sexy outfit!

When you have little ones, making yourself over into something scary just isn’t an option. Being a cat is right what you need for Halloween when you have kids. You don’t need a costume, and you can find a cheap kitty cat headband pretty much anywhere. This tutorial is really going to beef up that “costume” you’ve planned for yourself, or it’s going to make you the talk of the party.

DIY kitty cat makeup (via https:)

DIY kitty cat makeup (via https:)

Forgot about your Halloween look? This last minute Halloween costume includes a makeup, which can be also made very fast. A black turtleneck and ears, and cat-style eyeliner and whiskers – and you are ready to go!

A black cat is a symbol of Halloween! This makeup is extremely cute and simple, and instead of ears you can find a proper beanie. Watch the video to find out how to realize this makeup.

DIY black cat makeup for Halloween (via https:)

DIY black cat makeup for Halloween (via https:)

This makeup is more realistic, and it will match your cute kitty costume. The makeup includes glam faux lashes to make your look sexier but you can skip this point if you don’t want any.

Cats are one of the best costumes to pull together last-minute: all you need is a pair of ears and a black outfit. A glam cat Halloween makeup look though, can turn a “boring” ensemble into one that will make a statement at any holiday fête.

DIY glam cat makeup (via https:)

DIY glam cat makeup (via https:)

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