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4th of July Outfits for Men-17 Ideas What to Wear on 4th July 2016


4th of July Outfits for Men. As we all know 4th of July is just around the corner and we did a post on 4th of July outfit ideas for girls. So it just occurred to us that why should girls get all the fashion advice. Why not guys?

Guys have an equal right to show their patriotism and that too in style. Here are some ideas on what to wear on 4th of July this year for all those handsome hunks out there. Get your patriotic spirits for the holiday up boys.

Men Clothing Ideas for 4th July Independence Day

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#17- Cute Onesies for Teenage Guys

 You might think that a one piece and that too for a grown up man? But HEY, it is 4th of July, and it looks super duper HOT. I mean look at JB rockin’ it.

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#16- Patriotic Outfit

Wear the stars and stripes tank with a loose fit jeans and brown boots and look like one patriotic STUD on the 4th of July. If you have a pair of patriotic red or blue shoes then they too would be perfect, otherwise you can go for any nude or brownish shade of shoes.

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#15- Accessorize – Belt that Flag

Some men may be too patriotic yet don’t wanna look all flashy wearing the flag. We have a solution for you. Wear an American flag belt around the waist and show your patriotic spirit. You can pair it up with a relaxed fit acid washed jeans, a black tee and leather jacket. You can also wear a cap if you like. How Dapper!

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#14- Jason Derulo Swag Celebrity Style

Look like a celebrity wearing an American flag tee and partner it up with black jeans, black leather jeans with denim sleeves and a baseball cap.

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#13- Go Bold or Go Home

Look ULTRA patriotic by wearing a star and stripped jacket and pair it up with a white shirt and white trouser. As we said BOLD wear a flag printed tie and look like the most patriotic American citizen.

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#12- Hot Casual Street Style

This look is trendy super trendy and patriotic. Wear a gray American flag tank with a camel colored trouser and white sneakers. Add that extra bit of styling by tying a denim shirt at the waist.

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#11- Black & White

While literally red is seen all over, look different yet patriotic. This look is perfect those shy and color conscious men. Wear a white tee with the flag printed on it in black and white cargo shorts. Add up a pair of black sneakers with red details and shades. This 4th of July, the weather is likely to be hot in USA so shorts are a great option for all.

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#10- National Panthem

Put on American flag blended pants with a lightweight and classy white button up shirt.

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It is important to look patriotic on the holiday however it is not necessary that you MUST have the flag on you for that purpose. There are other simple ways to dress up that not only reflect the theme yet make you look really handsome for all those holiday festivities. So for all those gentlemen that do not want the flag on them, here are some alternate patriotic ideas.

#9- Simple Check Shirt

It is simple yet check shirts on men are probably every girl’s favorite. Wear a red check shirt with camel colored pants. HANDSOMEEE!

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#8- Blue & Red Details

Wear a grey shirt with blue stars on it and pair that up with a grey coat. Add up a red pocket square as well. Moreover, put on white pants and tie up a red belt. Very very manly and classy.

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#7- Style Up Daddies

All those hardworking daddies who look after their families all year long. This holiday it is your turn to look all dapper and stylish. Wear a white, red and blue striped shirt with simple black shorts for those family outings for 4th of July.

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#6- The Cool American

Jackets are every guy’s go-to. This 4th of July all you need is a bomb ass red jacket that you can partner up with slim fit jeans and brown oxfords. SO HOT I CAN’T EVEN…

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#5- Sober, Stylish and Preppy

Pair your red pants with a white shirt and a blue sweater with white and blue stripped sweater.Wear blue shoes to complete the look. Trendy and stylish.

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#4- Wear A Scarf

Suit up this 4th of July and look like a handsome gentleman. All you need to do is wear a white shirt with red pants and a check scarf.

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#3- Say Yes To Denim

This 4th of July wear a blue denim shirt with red pants. Add up a blue and brown belt and some shades for a perfect look.

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#2- Red Tie

A pop of color always looks hot. Wear a blue and white stripped shirt with navy blue chino shorts. Wear the tie and finish off with leather sandals.

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#1- Gallace Up

Skinny leather suspender gallace go well with a pair of red pants and blue denim shirt. Tuck the tie into the shirt and put on a pair of shades. A fashionable unique look for 4th of July.

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