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40 Amazing Dupes for Expensive Makeup


Every woman loves to splash on makeup products. Unfortunately, makeup can be a pretty expensive hobby. If you’re spending too much on high-end makeup and want to save some money, you’re gonna love our dupe list with 35 amazing (and expensive) makeup products and their duplicates (dupes). It will change your world and save you up to $ 480! You can thank us later.

Reminder: Just because a makeup product is cheaper, doesn’t mean it’s worse!

1. The Balm “Adoring” Dupe

The Balm Liquid Lipstick Adoring Dupe

Instagram / iam_marie3

These two shades look exactly the same!

The Balm “Adoring”: $ 17
ColourPop “Avenue”: $ 6

Saved → $ 11

2. Lime Crime “Faded” Dupe

Lime Crime Faded Lipstick Dupe

Instagram / cthatbeauty

Every woman should own at least one mauve lipstick! This shade is perfect for just about every occasion.

Lime Crime “Faded” = $ 20
Dose of Colors “Stone” = $ 18

Saved → $ 2 (The price difference isn’t big, but many people are boycotting Lime Crime because of  THAT credit card fraud in 2015).

3. Kat Von D “Lolita” Dupe

Kat Von D Lolita Lipstick Dupe

Instagram / _makeupmistress_

Instead of spending $ 20 on Kat Von D’s Lolita lipstick, spend less than $ 10 on L’Oreal’s dupe.

Kat Von D “Lolita” = $ 20
L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss “Statement Nude” = $ 9.99

Saved → $ 10

4. Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Dupes

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Dupes

Instagram / gulfbeauty

ColourPop lipsticks “Clueless+Trap”, “Beeper” and “Limbo” are nearly identical to Kylie Jenner’s shades “Candy K”, “Dolce K” and “True Brown”.

Kylie Lip Kit (lipstick + lipliner) = $ 29
ColourPop lipstick = $ 6

Saved → $ 23

5. YSL “Beige Tribute” Dupe

YSL Beige Tribute Lipstick Dupe

Instagram / dupethat

Let’s face it, YSL lipsticks are super beautiful and luxurious but also super expensive. Luckily for your bank account, we found a dupe that will save you $ 21!

YSL “Beige Tribute” = $ 36
Lipland “Creme Corsett” = $ 14.99

Saved → $ 21

6. Kat Von D “Vampira” Dupe

Kat Von D Vampira Lipstick Dupe

Instagram / 22alejandra

Instead of Kat Von D’s lipstick in shade “Vampira”, buy ColourPop’s cheaper version in shade “Lax” and save $ 14!

KVD “Vampira” = $ 20
ColourPop “Lax” = $ 6

Saved →$ 14

7. MAC “Rebel” Dupe

MAC Rebel Lipstick Dupe

Instagram / queandaibonita.cl

Love MAC but don’t love the prices? Swap MAC’s “Rebel” with Wet n Wild’s “Sugar Plum Fairy” and save BIG.  Wet n Wild lipsticks are long lasting and ridiculously cheap .

MAC “Rebel” = $ 17
Wet n Wild “Sugar Plum Fairy” = $ 1.99

Saved → $ 15

8. Stila “Fiery” Dupe

Stila Fiery Lipstick Dupe

Instagram / _jamelizzz

Who wouldn’t want to color their lips with this gorgeous, matte red shade?

Stila “Fiery” = $ 24
Milani “Desire” = $ 6

Saved → $ 18

9. Lime Crime “Wicked” Dupe

Lime Crime Wicked Lipstick Dupe

Instagram / makeupaddictsrejoice

NYX has some insanely pigmented and affordable lipsticks, and “Cherry Skies” is one of them.

Lime Crime “Wicked” = $ 20
NYX “Cherry Skies” = $ 7

Saved → $ 13

10. Kylie Jenner Lip Kit “Dolce K” Dupe

Kylie Jenner Dolce K Lipstick Dupe

Instagram / sandijarquin

Didn’t get your hands on one of the Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits? Kat Von D’s “Bow n Arrow” is a perfect dupe for Kylie’s “Dolce K”.

Kylie “Dolce K” = $ 29
Kat Von D “Bon n Arrow” = $ 20

Saved → $ 9

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