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31 Easy Pedicure Designs for Spring


Spring and warmer weather is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited! With the warmer weather comes bright colors, light dresses and the need to update our pedicure routine. Let’s face it, nobody has perfectly pedicured feet during the winter because no one can see them! Well, besides us obviously.

It’s almost sandal season and we think it’s time to take our pedicure on the next level. Agree? Treat yourself (and your toes) with some of these beautiful pedicure designs today! Remember – the shinier, the better!

1. Pastel Hues & Rhinestones

Pastel Pedicure Design with Rhinestones

Instagram / cottonail

Pretty and feminine toe nails are always in trend! Pastel pink and blue combo is sure to draw attention to your feet, especially if you spice it up with some added bling.

2. Cute Watermelon Design

Cute Watermelon Pedicure Design for Spring

Instagram / imvelynail

This spring make sure your toes are cute, bright and ready for the sunlight! Pastels + watermelons = spring and summer nail perfection.

3. Bright Floral Design

Bright Floral Pedicure Design

Instagram / nail.elf

This flower pedicure design is sure to make your toes stand out.

4. Pink Toes + Pearl Rhinestones

Pink Pearl Pedicure Design

Instagram / kaorin47

Sparkly beads and rhinestones have ability to turn a simple pink pedicure into a master piece.  These white pearl beads look amazing against the pink background, right?

5. Pink, Neon Flowers

Neon Pink Flower Pedicure Design for Spring

Instagram / imvelynail

We love this cute flower design – it’s clean and simple but also eye-catching. The cute pink flowers can be easily made using a dotting tool (or a toothpick)!

6. Colorful Toes + Rhinestones

Colorful Neon Pedicure Design for Spring and Summer

Instagram / woomsnail

Can’t make up your mind between a few colors? Don’t. Try them all at once! Spring calls for bright and colorful hues, so why not give this pedi a try?

7. Sparkly Golden Design

Sparkly Golden Pedicure Design

Instagram / imvelynail

We love how simple yet detailed this pedicure design is. Shades of gold and nude pink are big this spring.

8. Polka Dot Design

Polka Dot Pedicure Design

Instagram / hc_angie_nail

This grey and navy design is so fresh and fun, plus it’s super easy to copy! Polka dots will always be in style. Create them using a dotting tool, toothpick or bobby pin.

9. Vibrant Green & Pink Design

Green and Pink Pedicure Design for Spring and Summer

Instagram / DazzledFeet

If you’re in the mood for something fun and bright, give this green and pink pedicure a try! What an easy way to spice up your toes, right?

10. Pink Glitter Design

Pink Glitter Pedicure Design for Spring and Summer

Instagram / cottonail

We’re obsessed with this simple yet breathtaking pedicure! This color combo is sure to make your toenails pop.

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