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31 Best Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas


Ombre is still trending guys!  If you are changing your hair, forget about having the standard highlights, go for ombre hair.  Ombre hair has been around for a few years now and it is still going strong.  Many celebrities love this hairstyle and we do too.  It is a way to show off your style and character with colours you love.  A low maintenance hairstyle that looks great for many months.

When Ombre first appeared it was a lot brighter and the contrast between the two colours were a lot bolder but nowadays, people are opting for their own Ombre style and this may be subtle or bold.  It doesn’t have to be a bright and shocking red colour to look amazing.  If you like the natural red copper colours, then this will work as well as the bright colours.  You hair can be transformed by adding Ombre to your hairstyle and the ends of your hair will seem thicker and healthier.

We have 31 of the best looking red ombre hair colours for you to think about.

1. Black to Raspberry Red Ombre

This is a gorgeous dark Ombre hairstyle.

Black to Dark Red Ombre Hair

Source: @cristen_smith

Black and raspberry red looks amazing.  It can be hard to achieve this gradual Ombre style if you do dye it yourself but with a little practice, you will be a pro in no time.  Just make sure that you gradually blend the darker section into the lighter red section.  Best to keep the top section black because then you don’t have to worry about getting your roots done.

2. Red to Golden Blonde Ombre

Choosing red and golden blonde will show off your hairstyle and tips.

Red to Golden Blonde Ombre Hair

Source: @hairbyamandajorene

By having the lighter golden blonde colour at the bottom, it will highlight your hairstyle and cut.  You hair tips will look healthy.

3. Red to Copper Balayage Ombre

How about red to copper?

Red to Copper Balayage Ombre Hair

Source: @hairbytashalouisec

This will set your hair alive.  It is a brighter red shade which will stand out and give off a warmer feel.

4. Black to Vibrant Red Ombre

The best thing about having Ombre style hair is that you don’t need to dye your entire hair to feel the difference.

Black to Red Ombre Balayage Hair

Source: @alix_maya

Having a black to vibrant style will instantly boost your hair and you will feel fresh and revitalised.

5. Burgundy Red to Blonde Ombre

We love this style.

Burgundy Red to Blonde Ombre Hair

Source: @hairbystephany

Burgundy red and blonde work so well together.  Before we saw this photo, we weren’t too sure about the two colours together, but after seeing this, we are in love!  The darker burgundy roots looks fab and with the blonde tips, just finishes the look.

6. Deep Dark Red to a Vibrant Candy Red Ombre

If you are naturally dark haired, keep your roots dark.

Deep Dark Red to a Vibrant Candy Red Ombre Hair

Source: @hairbytashalouisec

This way, you don’t need to visit your hairdresser every so often to get your roots done.  Add a touch of deep dark red and blend it into a candy red ombre colour, which looks so immaculate and sexy.

7. Shiny, Dark Red Ombre

Dark red looks so shiny and healthy.

Dark Red Ombre Hair Idea

Source: @mastersofbalayage

It adds a subtle hint of colour and it looks stunning.  Treat the streets as your catwalk with this hairstyle and you will feel and look amazing!

8. Burgundy to Bright Red Ombre

Reds and orange tones are both warm shades.

Burgundy to Bright Red Ombre Hair

Source: @constancerobbins

They create a lovely warm finish, which will compliment your skin tone and adds a little vibrancy to your hair.

9. Vibrant Red Ombre

Add a few strands of red Ombre.

Bright Vibrant Red Ombre Hair

Source: @salonbluredlands

This gorgeous hairstyle will attract attention and make you feel great.

10. Auburn to Golden Blonde Balayage Ombre

This is a natural looking Ombre style that we are loving.

Auburn Red to Golden Blonde Balayage Ombre Hair

Source: @hairbyamandajorene

The auburn roots to golden blonde Balayage on the hair tips, set a lovely natural flowing style.  The roots have a hint of red, which creates a shiny and healthy look, whilst the blonde strands set the hair alive.  The Balayage technique makes this hairstyle look natural.

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