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29 Easy Winter and Christmas Nail Ideas


Let’s face it, at Christmas there are so many things to do so your manicure is often bumped right to the last of the list, if it even gets done at all. We’ve decided to bring you the easy winter and Christmas nail ideas that you can totally recreate at home. And that leaves you with plenty more time to cook turkey, shop for gifts, and find that perfect Christmas day outfit!

1. Simple Red and Gold Glitter Design

On the Autumn Winter catwalks for 2016, short plum nails were a big hit. Not only were they short, they were rounded too, which many of us would find easier to work with on a daily basis.

Red and Gold Glitter Christmas Nails

Instagram / alexxnails

If that sounds a little too dull and not very Christmas-like for your liking, add a touch of glitter, just like you can see here. It’s just a little addition, but one that makes the world of difference. And you’ll see be in trend!

Products used: Insta-Dri in Wined Up and China Glaze in Twinkle Lights.

2. Snowflake Design

When it comes to easy winter and Christmas nail ideas, you can’t get much more wintery than these cute blue snowflake designs!

Navy Blue Snowflake Winter Nail Design

Instagram / judyrox

You could opt for an ombre-effect across your nails, which we think is a great idea. The thumb could be dark blue, for example, moving to the pinkie finger, each nail getting lighter in shade, until you get to white.

Add your snowflakes and you’re basically good to go. Now all you need to do is hope for a white Christmas!

Products used: Isadora Velvet Matte Nails in Moody Blue and Marble.

3. Green and Gold Christmas Tree Design

How about a Christmas tree? The tradition of having a Christmas tree, decorating it, and placing presents underneath it has been around for thousands of years, although the customs have changed a little over time.

Gold and Green Christmas Tree Nail Design

Instagram / melcisme

We can’t think of a better way to pay homage to the humble christmas tree than with these brilliant green and gold Christmas tree design nails. What do you think?

Products used: Essie in Fall in Line, Urban Jungle, Beyond Cozy, and Blanc.

4. Cute Reindeer Design

Rudolph the red nose reindeer … Admit it, you sang it too right? We love the way that the red rhinestone has been used in the place of Rudolph’s nose, which we think is a genius idea!

Cute Reindeer Christmas Nails

Instagram / xnailsbymiri

You can’t get much more Christmassy than the story of Santa and his reindeer helpers, and that’s why we fell a little bit in love with these easy Christmas designs.

Products used: Revlon in Bare Bones, Catrice in Get Boho in SoHo , DA in Famous, and Lucia Couture in Honeybee.

5. Christmas Baubles

What about Christmas baubles if the Christmas tree or Rudolph didn’t light up your life? These are easy to do too – it’s just a circle to start with, some glitter to make it sparkle, and then some greenery to make it look as if they’re hanging from a Christmas tree.

Christmas Baubles Nails

Instagram / phenomenail

It shouldn’t take you long, and it’s definitely a look that no one else will have. So why not?

6. Green, Gold and Red

Green, gold, and red have been associated with Christmas for many years. The red is said to represent the blood of Jesus Christ, and the gold colour is show luxury and wealth. Green is the colour of the earth and everything living and natural.

Green Gold and Green Tartan Nails

Instagram / sharingvu

All that aside, of course, the 3 colours look really good together. And they look Christmas-like so they’re good enough for us!

7. Sparkly White and Gold Design

These remind us of wrapping paper that we bought last year, and honestly, we love these a little bit! Quite a lot in fact.

White and Gold Christmas Nails

Instagram / melcisme

If you don’t have a very good steady hand, cheat your way to these nails with decals and embellishments which you can pick up for almost no price at all these days, especially online.

Products used: China Glaze in I’m not Lion and White on White, and e.l.f. in Gold Star. Snowflakes and Christmas tree are vinyls.

8. Easy Christmas Nails

If you’ve ever been looking for an excuse to buy some nail gems or decorations, now is definitely the time. These winter and Christmas nail ideas just call for it!

Easy Christmas Tree Nails

Instagram / mvargas_nails

With the help of a few flecks of glitter, you too could have amazing christmas nails like these easy Christmas nails! It’s all about shaping glitter together, in this case red and green glitter, to make it look Christmassy.

To start with, the tree, and if you’re ready to get creative – that mistletoe look.

Products used: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sheer Force, and Salon Perfect in Glam Glitter.

9. Elegant Red and Gold Nails

With the help of some masking tape, you could easily recreate these simple winter themed nails at home, and the red and gold colour in them just makes them feel festive and warm.

Elegant Red and Gold Glitter Christmas Nails

Instagram / paulinaspassions

Just make sure you leave the polish to dry before taking away that tape, otherwise you’ll run the risk of smudging. Who has time to do these beauties twice before Christmas? We’ve got gifts to buy!

Products used: Il était un Vernis in Live Love Laugh and Pinot Noir.

10. Matte Gingerbread Nails

Gingerbread men have become a symbol of Christmas, as has the candy cane. Both of those things have been brought together with the traditional colours of Christmas in these easy winter and Christmas nail ideas.

Christmas Matte Gingerbread Nail Design

Instagram / nailsbycambria

If you don’t think you have the patient to recreate those candy cane stripes, don’t worry. You can cheat it (like we did) with nail wraps. It’s quicker, easier, and at least then most of the lines are straight!

Products used: China Glaze in White on White, Salsa, Matte Magic and Holly-Day.

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