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25 Easy and Gorgeous Hairstyles For Walima Function This Season


We have seen that most of the girls find lot of trouble and difficulty during the walima functions that what should be their hairstyle! They get much messy during this walima session and fail to come up with suitable kind of styling. It is these formal events and sessions in which it is essential for you to come up with decent and elegant kind of styling rather than having dull and boring kind of hair styling.

Trendy Hairstyles For Walima Function These Days

Here we will let you know some of the best hairstyles for the walima functions. you can also check out the pictures too right from here: If you are looking for braided hairstyle for walima  then you must check out our collection of easy to do braided hairstyle tutorials.

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Side curls along with the addition of flower on one side of yours can also look charming on you.

12 Cute Hairstyle For Walima Function 004

It can be marked as one of the dynamic hair styles where this loose kind of bun styling can give you a decent look.

12 Cute Hairstyle For Walima Function 005

Here you will have this braiding kind of style but these braids have been all tied up in a bun.

12 Cute Hairstyle For Walima Function 006

source @Uzma’s

Curly bun kind of style can be seen here and brides can opt this look for their Big day.

Straight Long Style

12 Cute Hairstyle For Walima Function007

 It is simple kind of style having pinning up your hair on one side and then giving light curls to your hair. You can try it too, it is very much easy to make.

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It is a rough wavy kind of hairstyling in which upper back hair combing will be done. We are sure that you will get in hand the prettiest look if you will try this hairstyle.

 Pakistani Celebrity Walima Hairstyle

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 Here in this amazing style, very lighter kind of back combing is done so that tikka can stay up. It can be the perfect walima and engagement hairstyle. Try it too and let us know too that how much this hairstyle looks perfect on you!

top walima hairstyles (6)

 Here you will be having a blow dry kind of hair. Just give a simple blowdry to your hair and then you are all good to go.

Aisha Linnea Akhtar Wedding Hairstyle

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 As you can see in this image that this pretty bride is having straight look of the hairs from the head part and then in the later down stage, she is having these beautiful curls.

Perfect Style Jewelry Matches with this Hairstyle

top walima hairstyles (8)

 In this pretty picture, this magical looking Aiza Khan is having this french braid kind of styling.

top walima hairstyles (9)

 Juggan Kazmi is looking the prettiest of all in this pictures, she is having this simple and stylish looking braid look.

Faryal makhdoom

top walima hairstyles (10)

 Faryal makhdoom looks simply stunninng on her walima day with Amir khan.

Side Curl Hairstyle

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 Here you can have the twisting and light curly kind of hairstyle.

Short Hairstyle with Dupatta

top walima hairstyles (13)

 Loose bun kind of style can be seen in this picture, this bride is looking the most magical one with loose curls on one side.

top walima hairstyles (14)


Here you will be having all rough and crunchy kind of style, this style can be the best hair style if you want to put jhoomer too.

top walima hairstyles (15)

 In this picture, as you can see that this girl is having a lighter kind of braid style along with a bun.

Indian Bride Hairstyle

top walima hairstyles (16)

 Straight hair style along with little bit of blowdry touch can be seen here.

top walima hairstyles (17)

 Image source @Bridal Dairies @Hina @Sabrina @Natasha

Walima Hairstyle for Guests

Looking for ideas as what hairstyle to choose for attending your loved ones walima here we got few ideas for you check them out

top walima hairstyles (18)

source @Aleena Imran

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top walima hairstyles (4)


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