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25 Beautiful Lavender Hair Color Ideas


Lavender hair is actually much easier to recreate than you first may have thought. If you’ve ever left a silver / grey toner on your hair for too long, you’ll understand. Instead of going grey or silver as you had hoped, your hair is left with a lilac / lavender tinge. It looks great, don’t get us wrong, but if you weren’t expecting it, it’ll be a nightmare.

Turn your nightmare around and rock it with one of these lavender hair color ideas. There are plenty to choose from, so many styles and shades to play around with. We’re adding this hair design to our list of things to try. Are you?

1. Lavender & Grey Lob

There are lots of ways to achieve these lavender hair color ideas. Hair chalks are great if you want a one-night affair with your pop of color, and you can opt for semi-permanent dyes for something a little longer-lasting.

Lavender and Grey Long Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / cassderosa

If you want permanent lavender hair, you’ll need to opt for semi-permanent and committing to re-dyeing it for as long as you want it to remain bright for.

2. Long, Lavender Pixie Cut

A great way to ensure your lilac and lavender hair lasts the distance is to mix and match your shampoo / conditioner / dye together. When you’re washing your hair, add some of your dye to your shampoo. It’ll add another layer of color and if you do the same with your conditioner, you’ll get double the effect.

Lavender Long Pixie Cut

Instagram / beautsoup

It’s a great way to keep touch-ups to a minimum, and also gives you the opportunity to take care of your look at home without resorting to running to a hairstylist when it starts to fade.

3. Smoked Lavender

Speaking of fading, these lavender hair color ideas are well known for fading fast so if you want a look as bright and bold as this, you’ll need to be prepared to keep up with the maintenance of it all.

Purple and Smoked Lavender Hair

Instagram / playwithscissors

The bright pop of purple will fade to a much lighter tone in just a few washes, and although pastel shades are in, if it’s not the kind of look you want, you might be disappointed. At least we warned you – these looks are high maintenance.

4. Lavender Ombre Hair

If you’re not quite brave enough to dye your entire head a bright pop of purple, lavender hair color ideas like this one are a great idea – an amazing lavender ombre with just the right amount of color on the ends.

Lavender Ombre Hair Color Idea

Instagram / _coiffure_by_lindseyjade

It’s a subtle way to blend some color in with your natural color and style. If you want a way to wear color but without frazzling your hair completely for the summer, this is a great way to do it.

5. Lavender Updo

One of the best ways to show off the different shades of beautiful lavenders you have in your hair, a plaited or braided updo is definitely the way forward. Braids are back in, in case you didn’t see the Kardashian’s rocking them, and when you have multi-tones, it gives you the opportunity to show them all off.

Braided Lavender Updo

Instagram / kellymccormickhair

This is a fabulous idea for two-day old hair. When you have colored hair, you can’t wash your hair as regularly as you used to because this will wash the color out faster. Curls can help keep the look going for a couple of days too, just speaking from a little lavender hair experience.

6. Vibrant Lavender

For a look as shiny and vibrant as this one, you’ll need hair that’s in good condition to start with. Otherwise it’ll just look as straw-like and fried as it did before you started to play around.

Vibrant Lavender Hair Color Idea

Instagram / mandistrands

The problem with bright and light colors like these lavender hair color ideas is that you often need a lot of bleaching or lightening treatments beforehand and these are well known for drying your hair even further, and causing more damage. Do yourself a favor and get a head start on the conditioning treatments. The healthier your hair is before you start, the healthier it will look when its finished.

7. Ice Lavender

Why not blend two shades together for a look that is both unique and bold? We love the way a pretty lavender shade has been cleverly blended into pastel and dusky pink tones towards the ends, a look you’ll only really get from hand-painting.

Ice Lavender Hair Color Idea

Instagram / caroline.anythingbutbasic

The idea of a look like this one and the hand-painted nature behind it, is to get it looking as natural as possible. It’s the same way you’d paint a balayage bronde (brown / blonde), just with brighter and more colorful shades.

8. Blonde Lavender Ombre

Blondes and purples look really great together, and that goes for the bolder shades as well as the more pastel and muted tones.

Blonde Lavender Ombre Hair

Instagram / hairbybeccy

If you want to get a beautiful pastel shade like this, dilute your bright purple dyes with conditioner – the more you add, the more pastel it will turn out.

9. Dusty Lavender Lob

The conditioner-dilution trick can definitely work with this dusty lavender lob. The lob, or long-bob, is very much on trend for right now, and is a great way to get rid of the dead ends of your hair, giving it a new lease of life for the summer.

Dusty Lavender Long Bob

Instagram / hairandharlow

If you’re going for the chop, you might as well liven things up by opting for a bright and bold shade too. This is bright and bold but still subtle, just one of the reasons why we love it so much.

10. Bohemian Lavender

If you have dark hair, don’t be afraid to let your natural dark roots shine through. The balayage / ombre look with lighter ends and darker roots is very much in style – all the celebs are doing it.

Bohemian Lavender Hair Color Idea

Instagram / dnalaburbana

Roots are just one of the things you’ll need to embrace when you choose lavender hair color ideas like these. You might as well learn how to rock them from an early point.

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