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25 Amazing Blue and Purple Hair Looks


Is it time to make a change? Are you looking for your newest hairstyle / cut / color but not sure what direction to go with? What about these looks – stunning blue and purple hair looks that you know will turn heads for all the right reasons. Before you think these looks are too bold for you, take a peek at how cleverly they’ve been blended into hair designs you’ll definitely want for yourself… Katie Perry has done it, Demi Lovato too. Is it time you went over to the blue and purple side?

1. Dark Purple & Teal Blue Hair

Katy Perry has gone for looks similar to this one – dark and bright shades of blues and purples together. It’s a bold look for sure, but one that looks amazing when braided or curled to let all the highlights and lowlights shine through.

Dark Purple and Teal Blue Hair Color

Instagram / arcticfoxhaircolor

If you want to play around with color but you don’t have a great place to start, why not this?

2. Pastel Blue & Purple Hair

This hair is stunning – very unicorn-like. This hair is actually very easily created and if you play your cards right, could even be achieved without even trying.

Pastel Purple and Blue Hair Color Idea

Instagram / spectraltones

Fading your brighter colors out to this is super easy, and when touching up your color, make sure to add conditioner to the bright shades you used before to dilute them down. Little tip – it makes them more pastel and powdery!

3. Blue and Purple Bob

Your hair is made up of protein so in order for it to be as bold and bright as you want, you’ll need to make sure your locks are protein-packed. There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners out there with ‘keratin’ as an added ingredient.

Blue and Purple Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / donovanmills

We’d highly recommend starting with these, washing and conditioning your hair with them for a few weeks BEFORE you start your lightening and coloring treatments.

4. Purple to Dark Blue Ombre Hair

While we’re on the subject of protein, there are some homemade hair masks you can use to increase the protein in your locks. We can’t express this enough – you will not have the look you want if you don’t take care of your hair before, during and after the coloring process.

Purple to Dark Blue Ombre Hair Look

Instagram / bestofhair

Avocado, coconut oil, egg whites, mayonnaise and more have all been successfully used on the hair to increase protein and keratin.

5. Blue and Purple Ombre on Blonde Hair

Blonde hair gives you the perfect starting place to play around with any color, so why wouldn’t you play around with an ombre of bright blues and purples, just like this stunning look you can see here? The good news with hairstyles like these is that they can be customized to completely suit you.

Blue and Purple Ombre on Blonde Hair

Instagram / off7thsalon

If you don’t want quite so much color, leave more blonde at the top, and add the blues and purples to just the ends of the hair. This ombre is stunning and we love it, but you could always add more or less.

6. Light Blue Hair with Purple Roots

It’s like the color of the most beautiful oceans and that’s probably why we love it. This cute little look just goes to show that you don’t need long locks to show off a beautiful array of shades and colors.

Light Blue Hair with Purple Roots

Instagram / kelseylajohnson

This one incorporates shades of turquoise blue with purple just at the roots. If you’re thinking of a way to liven up your roots and grow out the old blue at the same time, this one is definitely it.

7. Purple Hair with Blue Highlights

You could always go the other way around, of course. More lilac / purple at the roots and just a touch of blue peeking through towards the bottom.

Dusty Purple Hair with Blue Lowlights

Instagram / lo.reeeann

There’s the odd chunky blue highlight in this mane of purple, and the twisted loose waves help to show the various shades off brilliantly.

8. Blue & Purple Pixie Style

And another classic little example of how you can do these blue and purple hair looks even when you have super short hair, this pixie style is not only super adorable, but super low maintenance too. Shorter hair is always easier to style and maintain and as you can see form this look, a few up-top spiral curls are all it takes to liven up your ‘do.

Blue and Purple Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram / creativeedgebykristen

Of course, it gives you the perfect opportunity to show off those beautiful shades too. What’s not to love?

9. Blue and Purple Metallic Bob

There are ways you can make these lighter, brighter styles work for you without having to go through the whole serious lightening treatments before hand.

Blue and Purple Metallic Hair

Instagram / thejesjewel

A washed-out look can often work over darker natural hair, and you can make your roots a darker shade than the rest of your hair when growing them out to give you a little extra time before bleaching again. Who said colorful hair like this had to be too high maintenance?

10. Gorgeous Combo!

Opting for beautiful hair styles like these colorful creations is going to wreak havoc with your hair, especially the lightening treatments you need to go through beforehand. If you already have damaged hair, the colors won’t take as brightly and as nicely as you can see here. They’ll look blotchy and uneven.

Dark Blue and Purple Hair Look

Instagram / susan.aw

There are things you can do to make life easier, and the first of these things is to go for the chop – get all the dead bits cut off the ends of your hair. You can still opt for something bold and blue / purple like this, but just a shorter version of it. It’ll soon grow back but it won’t grow at all if you don’t cut off the dead bits.

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