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23 Latest Winter Inspired Nail Art Ideas


The winter season is almost here. Not only will it bring colder weather and festive holidays but also new fashion and beauty trends. An easy way to update your look for the new season is with nail designs. You can wear the latest colors and patterns easily without breaking the bank on a new outfit. We love winter nails so have put together 23 of the best winter inspired nails. There is something for everyone from cute to stylish. Take a look to find your favourite.

1. Dark Red Nails With White Snowflakes

Dark red is a must-have color for the winter. This manicure has used the stylish red with an added white snowflake design. The red polish and white snowflakes look very cute together. You can recreate something like this at home. There are tutorials online to help you with the snowflake design.

Source: @ruthsnailart

2. Stunning Snowflake and Glitter Nails

Our next pick features a stunning snowflake accent nail. The nails have been painted in a light nude tone with silver glitter along the tops. The accent nail features a beautiful and delicate silver glitter snowflake. Nails like these would be perfect for a special occasion. Maybe even a winter wedding.

Source: @nailsbyjema

3. Winter Fair Isle Print Nail Design

Fair Isle is a knitting technique, so it will be on many winter sweaters. It isn’t just on your clothes that you can wear this cute pattern but on your nails to. This nail idea features different Fair Isle patterns on each nail. You could be creative with this idea and create your own pattern.

Source: @cottonconey

4. Cute Snowman Nails

Winter brings with it cold weather and snow. One of the best things about snow is that you can build snowmen! Even if it doesn’t snow this winter you can still build or paint a snowman. This next manicure features two accent nails with two cute little snowmen. The rest of the nails have been painted in blue glitter but you could choose any color.

Source: @ruthsnailart

5. Winter Tree Nail Design

Snow covered trees are in any perfect winter scene. Our next pick shows how to design winter trees on your nails. Each nail has been painted in a blue glitter with two tree accent nails. The trees have been painted in white with white snow around them. To create nails like these you will need a white nail pen or nail art brush. Then just create the tree look with lines. The trees do not have to be perfect so just have fun.

Source: @jauntyjuli

6. Sparkling Snowflake Nail Design

Next we have a pretty pink winter nail idea. The nails feature a light matte pink on two nails, pink glitter on another and a sparkling snowflake on the middle nail. A snowflake like this can be recreated with a silver polish, just make sure to use a very thin brush. Then add some gems and finish with a topcoat. You could use a similar pink shade as the base or choose something vibrant.

Source: @nailistayco

7. Vibrant Winter Nails

Want vibrant winter inspired nails? Then these nails could be for you. These bold nails were created with bright shades from China Glaze. Nails like these are a cute way to combine color and the winter season. You could recreate the design or just choose the trees or snow.

Source: @ohmygoshpolish

8. Icy Snowflake Nails

If you like snowflake designs, then you may like this one to. This art uses icy blue tones and blue glitter to create winter inspired nails. The snowflakes are delicate so will need a steady hand and a thin brush. You could also use a stencil. We love this idea, nails like these will look beautiful all winter long.

Source: @jauntyjuli

9.  Burgundy Nails With Winter Pattern Accent Design

Burgundy is a trendy color for 2017. So, why not include the shade in your winter nail art. These nails feature a dark burgundy with two accent nails. The accent nails feature a light base shade with a winter pattern which includes gold deer. Nails like these will look cute with any winter outfit. You could recreate a similar design or create your own pattern.

Source: @judyrox

10. Snowflake and Glitter Winter Nails

Next we have a cute snowflake design. The nails feature a bright pink polish with silver snowflakes and these also have two silver shimmering accent nails. The combination of pink, snowflakes and glitter creates a pretty and elegant look. You could recreate something like this and just have snowflakes instead of the accent nails

Source: @thedotcouture

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