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23 Creative and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas


Want cool Halloween makeup that is simple to recreate? Then you are in the right place. We have found 23 easy Halloween makeup ideas. We know that creating an awesome Halloween look isn’t as easy to recreate as it looks. So, each of these ideas can be done by anyone from a makeup novice to a makeup pro. There is a makeup look for everyone from scary skulls to creepy clowns. Take a look to find your favourite.

1. Vampire Makeup

First up we have a vampire makeup idea. A look this is simple. You will only need a couple of special items, contact lenses and blood. The rest can be created with items you already have at home. Just some dark eye shadows, mascara and a lighter color for your skin. You will look creepy and cool with makeup like this.

Vampire Makeup for Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @jayb0a

2. Cute Cat Makeup

Cats are always a popular choice for Halloween. This cat makeup is simple to recreate, allows you to enjoy dressing up for Halloween and will make you look glam for parties. You will need to learn how to create the feline flick (if you don’t know it already), apply pretty makeup as usual and finish off with some cat ears.

Easy Cat Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @spookylilpeach

3. Scary Skull Makeup

The basic skull look is great to learn. You can use the basic black nose and lines and add in extras to create a variety of different looks. This scary makeup looks has added contacts and red lips. Contact lenses will completely transform your look. These white ones make the skull very creepy. Something like this would be simple to recreate.

Scary Skull Makeup for Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @_amandajonesbeautyfix_

4. Wednesday Addams Makeup

The Addams family are iconic characters for Halloween. Wednesday Addams is an easy costume choice. All you need is braided hair and a black dress. Wear dark makeup like this and you have a cheap, simple and awesome costume. Add lighter makeup to your face to create a pale look.

Wednesday Addams Halloween Makeup

Source: @bangtsikitsiki

5. Leopard Halloween Makeup

Take a walk on the wild side this Halloween and wear some leopard spots. Animals are very popular choices for Halloween and this one will be simple to recreate. All you will need is gold and black makeup to create the spots and some glam or dark makeup for your face. There are plenty of easy to follow tutorials available online to create the spots. We love this easy Halloween makeup idea!

Leopard Halloween Makeup for Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @e.cosmetic

6. Scarecrow Makeup

Scarecrows are great Halloween costume ideas. With a scarecrow, you can make it creepy or cute. Here is an example of a cute scarecrow. It doesn’t require a lot of makeup, just eye shadow, lipstick and black paint. Black is an essential to create the lines for a scarecrow. Add a straw hat and you’re good to go.

Scarecrow Makeup for Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @stephaniedakins

7. Easy Vampire Makeup

Contact lenses are great to use if you want easy Halloween makeup. Contacts can transform the simplest of makeup to make it scary. This vampire look uses dark smokey makeup with red lips. You can recreate this with makeup you already have. The thing that makes it scary is the red contacts. Contacts are a Halloween must have.

Easy Vampire Makeup for Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @jenenzkii

8. Creepy Clown Makeup

Clowns are very creepy! Next on our list is this simple and scary clown idea. You can recreate a clown look like this with dark eyeshadow, black paint and black lipstick. There are plenty of easy clown tutorials available so you can learn how to draw the shapes. Something like this doesn’t require a lot of makeup and it will be a Halloween hit.

Creepy Clown Makeup for Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @valdokic

9. Scratches Halloween Makeup

Scratches are a great makeup technique to learn. You can create endless Halloween looks with bloody scratches. All you need is red and pink makeup with fake blood. You can find many easy tutorials for scratches online. You won’t need much other makeup if you can create scratches like these. It is an easy Halloween makeup idea.

Scratch Mark Makeup for Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @tessaknobling

10. Pop Art Makeup

Pop art makeup looks are very popular for Halloween. We love these looks because you can be creative and there are many design ideas. This one is simple to recreate. You’ll only need white paint, black paint or liner and your usual makeup. You can recreate something like this or add some darker makeup that will suit the Halloween vibe.

Source: @withlove.nadia

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