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23 Cool Blonde Box Braids Hairstyles to Try


Looking for a new hairstyle? Then you need to check out our 23 blonde box braids hairstyles. Blonde will stylishly update your look and there are so many different shades to choose from. We have found long blonde box braids, braided bobs, buns and more in a variety of different shades. There really is a hair idea to suit everyone.

1. Blonde Box Braids Bob

The first hairstyle on our list is this gorgeous blonde braided bob. Bobs look stylish and are perfect for the summer. Any blonde shade will suit this hairstyle, choose a light tone for a sunkissed look. You can also have thick box braids like featured or thin braids.

Blonde Box Braids Bob

Source: @iamhartstein

2. Side Swept Braids

Next, we have a beautiful braided look with side swept braids. Wearing braids on the side will instantly give you a trendy look. You can have these box braids in any color but a light blonde like this looks amazing. A hairstyle like this will suit anyone.

Chunky Blonde Box Braids

Source: @braidsgang

3. Blonde and Copper Box Braids

Blonde looks great on it’s own but it also looks stylish with other colors too. This braided bun features a light blonde that has been paired with a copper shade. Blonde and red tones like copper compliment each other well and will look gorgeous on anyone. You can have this color combo on any braids – long, short, thick or thin.

Blonde Box Braids with a Pop of Color

Source: @beatfacehoney

4. Caramel Blonde Box Braids

There are so many blonde shades to choose from. If the very light tones are not for you, you can choose darker ones like this caramel blonde. It is a beautiful shade of blonde that will suit everyone. You can have caramel blonde on any braids of any length.

Long, Caramel Blonde Box Braids

Source: @_samiraa__

5. Half-Up Bun

Jazz up your look by having your braids styled in a half-up, half-down bun. This braided bun features a cool icy blonde and you can have a similar shade or choose a darker tone. You can maybe even add other colors to create a bold, statement making look.

Blonde Box Braids Half-Up Bun

Source: @youngnubian

6. Trendy, Super Long Blonde Box Braids

Our next box braid look features very long braids. We love long braids because they are edgy and trendy. You can have the braids in any color but a light blonde looks stylish. A light blonde is perfect for the summer too because it will refresh your hair for the new season.

Super Long Blonde Box Braids

Source: @x.ivv

7. Platinum Braids into a Bun

Looking for a bold and statement making hairstyle? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have thin box braids that have been styled into a bun with halo braids. What makes this hairstyle extra stylish is the platinum blonde shade. Light blonde like that will give everyone hair envy.

Blonde Box Braids Updo Idea

Source: @maiaboitrago

8. Triangle Box Braids

Next, we have a very trendy box braid idea. These braids are styled triangles and are in dark honey shade. We love the triangle style because it makes the hair look creative and unique. You can have this funky design with thinner braids in light blonde tones too.

Triangle Jumbo Box Braids

Source: @saraihairdesigns

9. Multi Blonde Shade Braids

You don’t have to choose one shade of blonde for your hair. You can have multiple light and dark tones blended into braids. Here we have thin box braids with a few different shades. As you can see the finished look is stylish and statement making. A color combo like this will suit any braid length and style.

Multi Blonde Shade Box Braids

Source: @glowprincesss

10. Honey Blonde Box Braids

Hair colors can transform the simplest of styles and make them updated, fresh and trendy. Here we have thick box braids that are styled straight. There is no side sweeping or complicated features. However, the braids look super glam because of the honey blonde tone. We love this look.

Honey Blonde Box Braids

Source: @landzygama

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