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21st Birthday Outfits-15 Dressing Ideas for 21 Birthday Party


Cute outfits for 21st Birthday – It’s not every day that a girl turns 21. So the day needs to be a special one for you and it can never be so without a new dress, right? What can a girl want in her birthday dress… For me, the 21st birthday dress will have to be a unique one, that makes me stand out and shine in the crowd but at the same time I wouldn’t want it to be over the top. I mean 21 is the age at which we are supposed to be mature, adult and responsible so I would also want my dress  to be elegant, mature and a decent one.So how to dress up for birthday ? what to wear on 21st birthday bash ? check out below to get answers.

Cute Dresses for 21st Birthday Party

#15 – Midi Dress

Dresses like these look extremely charming though it might be a bit hard to find one of the right texture and colour. It looks great with any hairstyle and even a ponytail, simple jewellery and light make-up. Heels look great with this look. In case you are planning a tea party this would be the ideal dress.

Birthday Dress Ideas (2)


 #14 – Front Open Maxi Dress

Maxis with slits or an open front look too sexy, specially if your birthday party is planned at night time. My favourite colour in such dresses is obviously black and this look can go well on girls of all sizes and shapes. A bold shade of lipstick looks fabulous with such a dress.

Birthday Dress Ideas (3)


#13 – Lace Dress

One of the latest trend is of lace dresses, which are now available in a range of colours and styles that you can choose from. If you are tying up your hair then don’t forget to wear some matching long dangling earrings. The look can work for evening parties but looks better in the day time ones.

Birthday Dress Ideas (4)


 #12 – Sequin Dress

Here is another amazing idea for late night parties. Sequin dresses actually make you stand out and look like the perfect birthday girl. If you choose a lighter shaded outfit like golden or peach then do try a winged eye-liner and light coloured lip shade as it looks amazing.You would notices that both the dresses are complimented with cute hairstyle for 21st birthday.

Birthday Dress Ideas (5)


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#11 – T-Shirt Dress – Polyvore inspired Look

If you aren’t into the fancy stuff then how about a plain t-shirt dress? If it isn’t a printed one then I suggest you wear some glittery or eye catching jewellery and dark make-up.

Birthday Dress Ideas (6)


#10 – Tuxedo Dress

Birthday Dress Ideas (7)


#9 – Pencil Skirts

Birthday Dress Ideas (8)


#8 – Celebrities Dress on 21st Birthday

Selena looks amazing in this red mini dress. It can’t get more perfect than this.

Birthday Dress Ideas (9)


#7 – Tulle Skirts

Birthday Dress Ideas (10)


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#6 – Cocktail Dress

Birthday Dress Ideas (11)


 #5 – Floral Dress

Birthday Dress Ideas (12)


#4 – Bodycon/ Pleated Dress

Birthday Dress Ideas (13)


#3 One Shoulder Dress

Birthday Dress Ideas (1)


Birthday Dress Ideas (14)


 #2 – Tunic

Tunics are great for a birthday party and give you lots of room to experiment with your hair, make-up and jewellery. Moreover, they look great on plus size women.

Birthday Dress Ideas (15)


#1 – Vintage Dresses

A vintage themed birthday party would be a great idea for our 21st birthday. It is a wonderful theme which allows you to be creative and decorate according to this spectacular theme. Here are some of my favourite vintage dresses and in case you need more inspiration, do check out Marilyn Monroe’s dresses, shoes and hair style.

Birthday Dress Ideas (16)


Birthday Dress Ideas (17)


Birthday Dress Ideas (18)


Birthday Dress Ideas (19)


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