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21 Gorgeous Flat Twist Hairstyles


If you’re bored of wearing your hair with loose braids or in curly or wavy styles and are looking for a little something new, why not consider a flat twist? Literally…

A slightly different way of up-do’ing your ‘do, they’re easier than braids, faster to do, and much less hassle than other ways of wearing your hair up, great for beginners or those without a lot of time on their hands.

You should check out these 21 gorgeous flat twist hairstyles:

1. Cute Flat Twists Updo

Are you looking for a way to keep your length without having all the hassle of long hair all the time? Flat twist hairstyles are the answer once again, just like this one – a cute flat twists updo that is designed to go diagonally across the head with the ends secured in place with bobby pins. If you want to wear your hair out of your face but still keeping it looking good, this is a great one to go for.

Cute Flat Twist Updo Hairstyle

Instagram / christian_byshe

Flat twist hairstyles have a huge benefit over other ways of wearing your weave – it offers natural protection for your own hair. Going without the bulk, length and heaviness for a few weeks will do wonders for your scalp.

2. Flat Twists with a Zig Zag Parting

To get the super-straight and sleek edges associated with these flat twist hairstyles, use the pointed tip of a rat-tail comb. Once the parting has been made, you take small section towards the hairline and then split them into two equal sections, as you would if you were adding many cornrows, but just with two strands.

Flat Twist Zig Zag Hairstyle

Instagram / actually_ashly

Although these flat twists look a little like cornrows, they only work with two strands of hair whereas the cornrows work with 3. This makes them much easier for beginners to get the hang of, and also provide a quicker way of doing your hair.

3. Flat Twists at the Back, Twist Out at the Front

Making sure you have the right amount of tension so you don’t stress your hair, twist the sections around. If you use too much tension, the hair will be put under too much stress and will easily snap or break and if you repeatedly add too much tension to your ‘do, you will damage your hair follicles which can even lead to bald patches.

Flat Twist and Twist Out Updo Hairstyle

Instagram / veepeejay

As you move further down your hairline, add sections of hair to the twists (almost as if you would when French-braiding your hair), and eventually (if you have long enough hair), you’ll get to a point where you are no longer adding hair and also are no longer working along the scalp.

You can use clips or grips to hold the twist in place or continue to twist until you get to the ends and this is when you can use natural colored hair elastics to keep the twist secure. You will need to continue doing this over the entirety of your scalp, dependent on the kind of style and design you’re going with.

4. Stunning Updo

You have the option of taking care of your own hair as well as protecting your braids, eliminating the need for over-styling with heated tools, and damage from those and the powerful rays of the sun.

Flat Twists Mohawk Updo

Instagram / nenonatural

There’s also a few different styles and types on offer – two strand twists are classed as ‘regular’ twists and these can be worn loosely and long, and also flat twists which are considered better for those with un-natural hair.

5. Easy Updo Tutorial

If you want a super-simple look once you’ve completed the flat twists all over your head is to pull them back into a ponytail and secure in place. You could add them to pigtails (ponytails on either side of the head), often better for children rather than older women, or leave the flat twists hanging loose.

Two Flat Twists into a Updo Tutorial

Instagram / itsmebfairley

You could even add accessories such as hair cuffs – these look great in twisted and corn-rowed hair.

6. Big Flat Twists Updo

Before trying your flat twists, make sure you have done your prep work and this will involve washing the hair, adding a good protection layer of a hair oil treatment, and then allowing to dry to about 80 to 90 percent.

Big Flat Twists Updo

Instagram / nenonatural

Some women find that their twists work better on dry hair, some find wet hair better. If this is your first time, don’t be afraid to play around and experiment to see which works better for you. Remember to play around with thicknesses too – these flat twists are pretty chunky ones but still look fabulous!

7. Two Flat Twists into a Bun

It’s simple, clean and elegant and more than all of those things, it takes just a couple of minutes once you’ve practiced two or 3 times.

Flat Twists Bun Updo

Instagram / msrokia

Two flat twists on either side of the head, with the rest of the hair tightly pulled back into a neat ballerina ban, quite low to the nape of the neck, and you have a great daytime look that is easily jazzed up with some awesome earrings just like you can see here.

8. Side Swept Style

If you want an easy and simple hairstyle to provide a brilliant base for more versatile designs, once again, these flat twist styles are a marvelous idea.

Elegant Side Swept Flat Twists Updo

Instagram / eclark6

If you can put a parting there plus grab enough hair to get a twist started, you can flat twist it, and this opens up a mass of opportunities when it comes to hair styles and designs. Side-swept, centre partings, zig-zagged all around the back… You name it, you can probably achieve it. That’s what makes this hairstyle such a good one.

9. Flat Twists + Pompadour

We love it when two classic looks come together and this flat twists and pompadour combo is – modern, fabulous and sassy. 3 things you definitely want your hair to be.

Flat Twists Pompadour Updo Hairstyle

Instagram / protectivestyles

In order to get the best-looking flat twist hairstyles, make sure your hair sections are of equal size. If you thicker bits and thinner bits, the twists won’t look uniform across your head and this can ruin the entire look if a more sculpted and perfected look was the one you were going for.

10. Flat Twist Crown Updo

The way you twist your flat twist hairstyles will affect the way it falls around your face. If you want the twists to fall backwards, away from your face, you should twist them backwards away from your face.

Flat Twist Crown Hairstyle

Instagram / asiyami_gold

If you want them to fall towards your face, twist them the other way – in the forwards direction of your face.

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