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21 Cute Thanksgiving Nail Ideas


Thanksgiving is almost here. So, you may be thinking about what you are going to wear. One way you can add a fall and Thanksgiving vibe to your look is with nails. There are so many ways to jazz up your nails for the festive event. To give you some inspiration we have put together 21 Thanksgiving nail ideas. There is a design for everyone whether you want something fun or stylish. Take a look and find your favourite.

1. Fall Leaf Nail Design

First up we have a Thanksgiving nail design that features fall inspired leaves. Thanksgiving is in the fall so nail art like this would be perfect. The nails have a white base with multi tone leaves on top. Each leaf has gold detailing. You could easily recreate something like this at home, you could try freehand or with a stencil.

Source: @thedotcouture

Products used: OPI ‘My Vampire is Buff’ (base), M Polish Metallic collection, and MoYou-London Mother Nature plate.

2. Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Design

We couldn’t have a thanksgiving list without mentioning turkey! It wouldn’t be thanksgiving without it. Our next idea shows how you can create a cute turkey design for your nails. Some of the nails have an orange ombre effect, one nail has a turkey feather inspired design and the middle nail has a turkey face. Something like this will need practice but it would look awesome for the festive occasion.

Source: @clairelofthouse

3. Fall Burgundy and Purple Glitter Nails

One of the must have colors for the fall is burgundy. So, add some fall trends to your thanksgiving look with burgundy nails. Our next pick features the burgundy color on some nails with some purple glitter accent nails. Glitter and burgundy complement each other beautifully. The glitter is a nice touch as it is a special occasion.

Source: @selfie_beautyclub

4. Trendy Thanksgiving Nail Idea

Celebrate thanksgiving in style with trendy nails like these. The nails have been inspired by the fall. These have orange tones, red, yellow, brown and white. There is a hint of glitter to. All the colors have been put onto the nail in a creative and artsy way. We love these because you get the warm tones of the season. You could recreate this look at home just experiment with similar shades.

Source: @alisa.nailcare

5. Gold Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkins are another iconic part of the fall and thanksgiving. Not only that but pumpkins can be used to create super cute nail art. Our next idea gold nails with a half pumpkin design on the top of the nails. The gold adds glamour and the pumpkins give the design a festive look. You could recreate something like this will full pumpkins to.

Source: @mayasnailart

Products used: China Glaze ‘Mingle with Kringle’ + acrylic paint.

6. Cute Chevron Accent Nail Design

Next up we have a funky chevron nail art design. Chevrons look like zig-zag stripes and are a stylish way to wear a few colors. This nail art features the chevron pattern in warm autumnal shades. There a couple of ways to get this look and there are plenty of tutorials to help you online. Try to choose shades like these for a trendy thanksgiving look.

Source: @nailstorming

Products used: Essie ‘Jump in My Jumpsuit’ (burgundy shade), Whats Up Nails chevron vinyls, and Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. Need a tutorial for the multi-colored nail? Check it out here!

7. Stylish Fall Glitter Nails

Thanksgiving is a special occasion so, why not glam up your look with glitter nails? Glitter designs will add some glitz and glamour to any outfit. These nails have a nude base color with gold glitter over the top. The glitter has an ombre look to it and creates a beautiful effect. You could recreate nails like these in any glitter color.

Source: @nail_sunny

8. Glitter Leaf Nail Design

Another way to wear glitter this fall and thanksgiving is in a leaf design like this one. The nails have a dark purple polish with a rosy glitter leaf design on top. Art like this is glam and takes inspiration from the season. You could recreate these with the glitter accent nail or just choose the leaf design.

Source: @nails_control32

9. Funky Glitter Accent Nails

If you like glitter designs, then you may like this one to. The nails have been painted in dark shade with two accent nails. On the accent nails the nail has been covered in gold glitter except for a little bit at the bottom. The gap at the bottom creates a funky and unique look. You could recreate a design like this using any color.

Source: @ghenja2

10. Fall Leaf and Flower Accent Nail Design

Our next pick is perfect for thanksgiving. All the nails are different but each uses a thanksgiving or fall theme. One nail is painted in a pumpkin orange, one in a dark warm red, one in glam glitter and the other has a floral and fall leaf design. We love these nails as it uses all colors and patterns from the season.

Source: @nailstorming

Products used: Essie ‘Gala-vanting’ (burgundy), Kiara Sky ‘Strike Gold’ (gold glitter), OPI ‘You’re So Vain-illa’ (nude base), and Essie ‘Roooarnge’ (orange). Check out the tutorial here.

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