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21 Cute & Stylish Summer Nails for 2018


Want to brighten up your look for the summer? Then you are in the right place! We have found 21 stylish summer nail ideas that you will want to try. Nail art is a great way to wear the seasons latest colors and prints, and beautiful nails will finish off all your summery outfits perfectly. We have summer nails for everyone from elegant glitter manicures to bold patterns and colors. Each one can be created by a beginner or nail art pro.

1. Cool Blue Summer Nails

The first summer nail idea we would like to show you is this cool blue look. The nails have been painted in shade Closer Than You Might Belém from OPI’s Lisbon collection. You could use any blue you have but, try to keep it light. Either keep all the nails blue or have an accent nail. This accent nail was created with Whats Up Nails Aurora Pigment.

Cool Blue Summer Nails

Source: @nailsbyic

2. Bright Summer Nails with Glitter

Next, we have light summer nails with two glitter accent nails. One of the accent nails is blue and the other is pink. These nails are stylish and fun and will suit any nail shape and length. You can take inspiration from this look and choose bright nails with one glitter accent nail or choose both the pink and blue.

Bright Summer Nails with Glitter

Source: @nailsbykatrins

3. Ombre Nails and Glitter

Ombre nails are perfect for the summer. This next idea features vibrant dark pink to light pink ombre with two glitter accent nails. There are many tutorials to help you with the ombre look but you can achieve it with a sponge. Paint two or 3 colors in strips on the sponge and then use the sponge to stamp the colors on the nails. It is quite a simple idea to try at home.

Ombre Summer Nails with Glitter

Source: @dyakiv_nailstudio

4. Blue and Metallic Polka Dots

Polka dots are super cute and these next nails show how to wear the pattern in style. The nails feature a light blue polish with metallic dots. You can recreate polka dots in any colors you like, there are many ways to create neat dots too. There are tutorials with pens, bobby pins, special dotting nail pens and more. This is a look that a complete beginner or pro can create.

Blue and Metallic Polka Dot Nails

Source: @melimelr

5. Matte Pink Nails with Crystal Accent Nail

When you search for nail designs you will often see nails with decorated tips, but this next idea mixes that up and features cuticle art. Cuticle art will be placed on the bottom of the nail, instead of the top. You can have a different polish placed there or even add some gems like these nails. As you can see the nails are light with a beautiful gem accent nail. A design like this will look amazing all summer, especially for weddings and other special occasions.

Matte Pink Nails with Crystal Accent Nail

Source: @zlobina_nails_studio

6. Bold Orange and Purple Nail Idea

Add a pop of color to your look this summer with vibrant nails like these. The nails are painted with That’s Shore Bright and Sun of a Peach by China Glaze. You can just paint your nails in these colors or add the stylish silver nail studs to. Either way the nails will look gorgeous!

Bold Orange and Purple Nail Idea

Source: @misscelinas

7. Cute Multi Color Nails

It can be so difficult to decide which color to use on your nails. With a nail design like this one, you won’t have to choose! This manicure features nails that are all painted different colors. Even though the colors are different they still compliment each other because they are similar light shades. You can recreate this look or be very bold with your color choices.

Cute Multi Color Summer Nails

Source: @nailz_ann.indigo_

8. Stripes and Chevrons

Next, we have a summer nail idea that uses stripes and chevrons. Both these patterns are very popular in nail art and look trendy when combined. You can create stripes and chevrons with tape and there are tutorials online to help you. It may take practice but these are great techniques to learn as you can wear both patterns separately to. The polishes used in this look are China Glaze I’ll Sand by You, Don’t Be Sea Salty and All Sun & Games.

Colorful Summer Nails with Stripes

Source: @melcisme

9. Pearly Nails with Gold Glitter

If you want elegant nails for the summer, then this idea could be for you. Here we have a manicure that features pearl effect nails with two gold glitter accent nails. You can recreate a pearl effect with nail polishes that can be found online. A design like this would be perfect for a special occasion or even a wedding.

Elegant, Pearly Nails With Gold Glitter

Source: @dyakiv_nailstudio

10. Pastel Neon Summer Nails

Our next idea features pastel neon colors which are perfect for the summer! These nails have an ombre effect and the look was created with Color Club Lacquer in shades Hot Hot Hot Pants, Diggin the Dancing Queen and Disco’s Not Dead. You can recreate the ombre look or use similar shades separately. Any would be perfect for vacations, festivals and more.

Pastel Neon Summer Nails

Source: @cloud_nails

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