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21 Creepy and Creative Halloween Nail Designs


Looking for nail art for Halloween? Then you’re in the right place. We have found 21 Halloween nail designs. There is something for everyone. From vibrant and fun to dark and spooky. Some of these can be worn with your Halloween costume or can be worn to celebrate the occasion. Whether you are a nail newbie or a pro there is a design for you. Have a look to find your favourite.

1. Bright Cobweb Nails

First up we have this cobweb nail art. These nails were created with a white base coat and 3 color polishes. One yellow and two orange. The gradient look was created with a sponge. The nails were finished off with a spider web stamping plate from the Born Pretty Store. You could recreate this look in any color.

Bright Cobweb Nails for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | nbnailart

2. Blood and Vampire Design

Our next pick features white and red blood nails with a vampire accent nail. You will only need a white, black and red polish. All the designs can be created without stamps or stencil, you will just need a steady hand. There are tutorials available to help you create blood and vampire faces at home.

Blood and Vampire Design for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | unas_de_sandra

3. Spider Accent Nail Design

The next nails on our list combine Halloween and Glamour. These glitter nails are in vibrant colors and have pearl embellishments. The Halloween vibe comes in with the spider accent nail. You could have any color nails with any embellishments. Just add a spider accent nail and you are ready for Halloween.

Spider Accent Nail Design for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | dollys_nail_lounge

4. Cute Cat Nails

Looking for something cute but suitable for Halloween? Then this next pick might be for you. These nails feature black and nude nails with a black cat accent nail. The black cat design is perfect for Halloween. We love these stylish and spooky nails.

Cute Cat Nails for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | dirnaq_qaynagi_bakunail

5. Jack and Sally Inspired Nails

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween favourite. This next nail design was inspired by the two main characters Jack and Sally. The stripes are from Jack’s suit and the red looks like Sally’s Hair. These are spooky nails that will look cool after Halloween is over. You could easily recreate these with black, white and red nail polish.

Jack and Sally Inspired Nails for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | annas_asylum_fx

6.  Stylish Black and Orange Nails

Next, we have a nail design that uses the traditional orange and black Halloween colors in a stylish way. The nails have a funky black line design on the top of a vibrant orange. The polishes used were Sephora Trick or Treat and OPI Lady in Black. We love this chic Halloween nail design.

Stylish Black and Orange Nails for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | karathenailaddict

7. Spider and Spider Web Design

Our next pick is a black manicure with white spiders and webs. This design looks awesome on longer nails as long nails suit the Halloween look. If you prefer shorter nails though it will work well on those to. You can get web and spider transfers and stickers for your nails, so you can easily recreate the look at home.

Spider and Spider Web Design for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | lunailgarden43

8. Witch Manicure

Wearing a witch costume this year? Then this next pick is for you. This one features long nails with a messy ombre look. The nails were created with Essie polish. Nails like these are perfect for witch and vampire costumes. You could create nails like this any color.

Witch Manicure for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | missmortifera

9. Frankenstein Nails

Frankenstein is a Halloween favourite. So, why not give your nails some Frankenstein art. The nails are painted black with two nails painted in a Frankenstein design. Nails like these will be a fun DIY Halloween Project. You could recreate both accent nails or just choose one.

Frankenstein Nails for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | right_left_hand14

10. Gruesome Halloween Nail Designs

Next, we have Halloween nails that will wow! The nails are painted with multiple scary, spooky and gruesome designs. You could have a go at recreating all the designs or you could just pick your favourite. If you don’t want to try this yourself you could ask for this at your Halloween nail appointment.

Gruesome Halloween Nail Designs for Halloween Nail Designs

Instagram | nailsacola

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