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21 Creative St Patrick’s Day Nails


St Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Ireland and Irish culture. To help you get ready for the fun holiday we have found 21 of the best St Patrick’s Day nail ideas. We have green nail art, lots of Shamrock designs and more. There are nails for everyone whether your new to creating art or are a total pro. You could even have some of the looks recreated at the nail salon. All the nails featured would look awesome for any St Patrick’s Day event.

1. St Patrick’s Day Glitter Nails

First up we have these glamorous glitter nails. Most of the nails are covered in green glitter while one nail has gold glitter, and another is white. We love this idea because it is super cute for St Patrick’s day but you could also wear the colors for different occasions. You could recreate a similar look or maybe just use green glitter.

St Patrick's Day Glitter Nails

Source: @cloud_nails

2. Glam Shamrock Nail Art

Shamrocks are symbols of Ireland. Our next idea features a glam shamrock design. 3 of the nails are painted in a vibrant green, one nail is covered in gems and one nail has a small shamrock design. There are a few ways you could recreate nails like these. You could have all 3 designs or maybe just choose one you like. Either way gems and shamrocks are perfect for a St Patrick’s day celebration.

Glam Shamrock Nail Art

Source: @nailsbybaileyj

3. Polka Dots and Shamrocks

Next, we have another cute shamrock design. Instead of just one shamrock two of the nails have a repeat pattern. You could create this pattern with a stencil or with stickers. We love the colors used and like the use of polka dots as it gives the nails a unique look. For your nails you could just have the shamrocks or have a go at the 3 different designs.

Polka Dots and Shamrocks

Source: @liliumzz

4. St Patrick’s Day Nail Art with Accent Nail

Our next idea features a manicure that uses green, gold and white polishes. There are two accent nails with a shamrock and chevron design. Nails like these are perfect for the holiday, you could recreate these with or without the chevron design.

St Patrick's Day Nail Art with Accent Nail

Source: @armstrongnails

5. Glitter Irish Green Nails

Green glitter is perfect for St Patrick’s day! These next nails use dark green glitter with one accent nail. The accent nail has a striped pattern and a small 4-leaf clover. There are tutorials to help you with stripes, shamrocks and clovers so you could recreate this look at home. Nails like these will also look stylish after the celebrations because the clover design is subtle.

Glitter Irish Green Nails

Source: @mvargas_nails

6. Real Clover Nails

Next, we have one of the coolest nail designs. These nails were created with shamrocks or clovers. The shamrocks were picked and pressed in a notebook for a few days until dry. Then they were placed onto the nails. This is a fun and unique idea!

Real Clover Nail Art Idea

Source: @mnobsession2

7. Vibrant Green and Rainbow Nails

Looking for a statement making manicure? Then this next idea is for you. The nails are green with gold polka dots and there are also two rainbow accent nails. This nail art would look awesome for St Patrick’s day and beyond. It would suit any nail length to.

Vibrant Green and Rainbow St Patrick's Day Nails

Source: @armstrongnails

8. Green Lucky Clover Nails

4 leaf clovers are said to be good luck. So, give your nails the luck of the Irish with green clover nails like these. You can create nail art like this with stickers or stencils. Maybe even just create one similar nail as an accent nail and paint the rest green. Clover nails like these are perfect for St Patrick’s day.

Green Lucky Clover Nails

Source: @liliumzz

9. Stylish Clover Nail Design

Our next nail art is a way to celebrate St Patrick’s in style. These super cute nails have a very light green base coat with gold embellishments and two white clovers. You could recreate these nails with a clover stencil and you could even use gold gems. This design will suit all nail lengths.

Stylish Clover Nail Design

Source: @cocosnailss

10. Irish Shamrock Nails

If you like to experiment with different designs, then this next idea could be for you. Two nails have been painted in a stylish green, one is glitter gold and two of the nails have a shamrock design. You could use this manicure as inspiration to create so many different looks. Maybe recreate something similar or use each different design for your own unique St Patrick’s nail art.

Irish Shamrock Nails

Source: @californails

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