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21 Chic Blonde Balayage Looks for Fall and Winter


Thinking of going blonde or just want to give your blonde hair a lift? Then you’re in the right place! Today we want to share with you 21 gorgeous blonde balayage styles. Balayage is a coloring technique used to give the hair a softer and more natural looking finish. This makes color easy to maintain with less visits to the salon. There are so many different shades of blonde to try, from cool tones to warm ones. So, take a look at our trendiest picks to get inspired.

1. Ice Blonde

Ice blonde is a must have for spring and summer as it is a cool shade that will refresh your look. The light tones give the hair a lift. Balayage like this is for the girls that want to make a statement. It’s a chic hairdo that won’t go out of style.

Ice Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Instagram | _ellagabriella_

2. Dimensional Blonde

To get a more natural look your hair color needs to have balance and dimension. It’s all about getting the right amount of highlights and lowlights. This is where balayage comes in. With balayage you get the light and dark tones which create a blend that looks like your own hair color. If you want to have beautifully blonde hair like this then don’t choose one solid color.

Dimensional Blonde Balayage

Instagram | bellafioresalon

3. Golden Blonde

If the cool shades aren’t your thing let’s warm it up a bit with golden blonde. Golden blonde is darker and creates a softer blonde look. It isn’t as dramatic as the platinum or ice tones. A shade like this is great if you want your hair to look natural.

Warm Golden Blonde Balayage Look

Instagram | mastersofbalayage

4. Champagne Balayage

Our next pick is champagne balayage. The finished result is chic and elegant which is exactly what the name suggests. This is a gorgeous blend of shades that will give your look a touch of glamour. It is a hair color that will wow.

Champagne Blonde Balayage Short Hair

Instagram | mane.therapy

5. Sleek and Sun-kissed

Summer is on its way, making sun kissed hair styles bang on trend. Solid color won’t give you the natural sunny look but balayage will. As you can see in this picture the warm blonde tones gradually get from darker from the tips to the root. This gives it a beautiful finish.

Straight Warm Blonde Balayage and Highlights

Instagram | elle_belle18

6. Caramel Beach Waves

Caramel blonde is just stunning. It is darker shade of blonde and is a great choice if already have darker hair. Shades like this are a nice way to create blonde and brunette balayage. Consider balayage like this if you don’t want dramatic light blonde hair but something soft and subtle.

Warm Blonde Balayage Beach Waves

Instagram | prettylittleombre

7. Platinum Balayage

Platinum balayage like this will give you an edgy and cool look. It is a statement making blend of colors and will make you stand out from the crowd. A hairstyle like this will transform your hair and give everyone style envy.

Ice Platinum Blonde Balayage

Instagram | samanthahairstylist

8. Brunette to Blonde Balayage

If you don’t want to go fully blonde then consider a blonde and brunette balayage. A style like this keeps the roots dark with the hair gradually getting lighter. Something like this is a softer ombre. The finished result is stunning and would suit any girl.

Brown to Blonde Balayage Hair Color Idea

Instagram | tressesbytress

9. Fair Blonde

Blonde can be very bright without being icy. This beautiful balayage starts off mousy brown and ends in a light golden color. A hairstyle like this is chic and low maintenance. Give it a straighten and you’ll have a stunning style. It would look gorgeous in beach waves to.

Light Blonde to Dark Blonde Balayage

Instagram | texturedhairstudio

10. Dark Blonde Balayage

The light and dark tones in this blonde balayage are beautiful. Her hair looks refreshed, healthy and trendy. What more could you want? Think about creating something like this if you just want to give your hair a lift. It is perfect for a spring and summer makeover.

Dark Blonde Balayage in Waved Style

Instagram | briellemarie_hair

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