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20 Stunning Skirt Outfits Combinations for Plus Size Ladies


Larger ladies can sometimes avoid skirts at any cost however there really is no need to. There is an abundance of shapes, fits and styles for all ladies so don’t be put off and shy away. How do you wear plus size skirts with different outfits? What are the latest fashion ideas for curvy women with skirts? And what lengths should be considered? What footwear can you wear with skirts? Well, Outfit Trends is here to bring 20 plus size combinations with a skirt for an ideal look. For big Busted ladies, have a look at our post on ideal outfits combinations for women with big bust.

Floor Length Skirts

These are a safe option for any self-conscious plus size ladies. Not only do they take focus away from your legs, but they will encourage wanted attention on your waist, collar bones and facial features. Plain coloured skirts in pale tones such as lilac, pink, cream and blue will add a gentle look whereas darker colours such as black, navy, grey and brown can provide a more bulky image. Patterns and flares look absolutely amazing on larger ladies and, as mentioned in a previous post, patterns will diminish your need for extra bling as well as add focus and feature. For the shy ladies out there, choose a flared and full style of skirt that is fitted at the waist. For the more adventurous women out there why not choose a fitted fishtail skirt and add that va va voom to your outfit. image(via.)

Knee Length Skirts
This length of skirt is ideal for plus size ladies. Not only do they allow for a cheeky showing of skin but they come in such a vast collection of shapes and styles that finding your perfect skirt is easy. Even with knee length skirts it is ideal to have them fitted around the waist to emphasise your silhouette. Why not choose a more fitted pencil skirt? Not just for the skinnies, larger ladies can wear these without feeling uncomfortable, embrace your shape, don’t hide it! If wearing a skirt suit it is acceptable to choose darker shades. Brightly coloured suits can look ghastly and destroy an otherwise sophisticated look.image( via.)

Minis and Short Skirts For Chubby Women

These really come down to personal preference and confidence as not all plus size ladies will choose a short skirt. But if doing so, try to stick to flared and loose fitting skirts as fitted short skirts can create lumps and bumps you didn’t even know existed and of course no lady wants this. Match short skirts with knee or thigh high boots as these will create the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. Patterns or plain are both good for short skirts although it does depend on what occasion they are being worn for.image(via)

To go with your skirt, accessorise with contrasting coloured belts and/or waist cinchers. These are great for creating an hourglass shape which is an ideal form for a plus size lady. Why not have a look at the different skirt ideas below and even see how the celebs do it.

Plus Size Women Outfits with Skirts Combinations

White top with Animal Print Skirt – Curvy women Street Style with Skirt
Have a look at our different 12  stylish street style outfits combinations for fat women too.

plus size women outfits with skirts (1)


 Summer outfit

plus size women outfits with skirts (2)

Buy from

 Work Wear Style

plus size women outfits with skirts (3)


 For Night Party Occasion

plus size women outfits with skirts (4)


 Denim Jacket with Floor Length Skirt

plus size women outfits with skirts (5)


 Skirt with Stockings/Leggings – Spring Outfit

plus size women outfits with skirts (6)


 Casual Outfit with Skirt

plus size women outfits with skirts (7)


 Pastel Pink Floor Length Skirt


 Black Plus size Women outfit with Skirt


Animal Print Knee Length Fitted Skirt


 Groovy Patterned Flared Knee Length Skirt


Fitted Suit Skirt Idea


Vintage Style Flared Skirt With Waistband


 Bold Print Vintage Style High Waistband


Plus size celebrity Skirt Style -Adele in a Floor Length Loose Fitting Skirt


 Amber Riley in a Tutu Themed Skirt with Waistband


 Rebel Wilson in a Satin A Line Skirt


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