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18 Chic Ways To Wear Wide-Legged Pants This Summer


Step aside, skinny jeans, because there is a fresher way to look fresh this summer. Wide-legged pants have probably been one of the biggest fashion trends this year and it isn’t just because of the ’70s nostalgia hitting on the spring/summer collections.

Wide-legged pants have so much to offer to anyone: it’s a flattering silhouette to any body type, it offers extra boost in the height section, and palazzo pants, a variety of wide-legged pants, is an ultimate summer piece.

But like any other garments and apparel, you need to find the right match to the clothes to make your outfit pieces click together. Here are 18 ways to wear wide-legged pants this summer and these ways are either fresh, classic or both.

1. Choose a wide-legged pants with a summery color like the persimmon shade of the one below. For those with pear-shaped bodies, you want to find a pair with flat waistline rather than pleated so it won’t get bulky on the sides.

wide legged pants orange and shirt

2. Give yourself extra extra boost with a pair of platform heels and vertically striped wide-legged pants.

wide legged pants stripe

3. Pair a brightly colored pants with a neutral tank top and top it off with a statement necklace for an easy casual look.

wide legged pants and slim top

4. Lacy crop tops paired with floral wide-legged pants with a pair of brown flip flops underneath is a cute transition from spring to summer and that woven handbag just adds to the summery feel!

wide legged pants and lace crop top

5. This look is absolutely chic and cool with a little amount of slouchiness that gives it the perfect casual feel to the outfit. But imagine a sleek blazer there instead of the comfy cardigan. It’s perfect for office now, isn’t it?

wide legged pants and trench

6. Pair a brightly colored and tailored top and blazer with a neutral and loose wide-legged pants. The nude heels and brown leather bag is subtle while there’s some zing with the bold scarf and sunglasses. It’s a healthy balance between subtle and statement.

wide legged pants and blazer

7. Because of its looseness, wide-legged pants are dressy enough for a cocktail party or any formal events. Just slip on something fitting or cropped for the top and add a jewelled necklace and you’re ready!

wide legged pants party

8. This outfit is great for transitioning from the office to the night party. The pants is loose and skirty enough for a formal and the top is subtle underneath a blazer. Just take off that blazer and you’ll be good to party.

wide legged pants for party

9. A dressy blouse, floral wide-legged pants and nude pumps is wonderful for day events such as business meetings and gatherings.

wide legged pants floral

10. With both dark top and bottom, the yellow clutch gives a pop of color to the outfit. And the unconventional floral print of the pants makes it work-appropriate and party-doable at the same time.

wide legged pants and sleeveless top

11. This will look totally gorgeous on tall women and those with longer bodies. Find a drapy pants in silky material and pair it with a simple and sleek peplum top. This is great for the office and any other events. With heels, you’ll look even taller.

wide legged pants and peplum

12. Pair the pants with a top of the same color and you’ll have yourself a fake jumpsuit! Or dress, depending on the width and looseness of the pants.

wide legged pants like jumpsuits

13. This is by far my most favorite outfit in this article. Everything in it just screams feminine but together, they give a cool, sleek and chic look that’s wonderfully for any occasion.

wide legged pants lacy top

14, Take the classic apparel to a whole new level of vintage chic with puffy sleeves and closed shirt like what Olivia Wilde did below.

wide legged pants and white shirt

15. Turn a basic casual attire into something dressy with a wide-legged pants in a metallic hue.

wide legged pants metallic

16. Look daring and be a head-turner by wearing a wide-legged animal printed pants. Just remember to keep the rest of the outfit, matching pieces and accessories, in a neutral color to let the pants do all the talking.

wide legged pants animal print

17. This is a more polished and sleek look of #5 and is basically great for casual to anything formal or semi-formal. For the petite ladies, you might want to tread lightly in wearing overly-wide pants and find one that is at least noticeably fit on the thighs.

wide legged pants blazer

18. White pants itself gives a feminine touch to your outfit but a white wide-legged pants? Definitely posh and feminine. But for an extra femininity, you can wear a dressy loose top with it.

wide legged pants and loose top

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