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17 Cute College Outfits for Short Height Girls to Look Tall


Fashion Tips for Short Girls. Dress according to your h7 It’s extremely important for short girls to dress according to their height as it helps them look much more beautiful and feel confident. But which clothes will make you look taller? Which jewellery and accessories are right for short girls? What hairstyles suit girls with short heights? We have all the answers for you today. Along with a collection of some pretty celebrities with short height who have an amazing style and dressing sense.

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College Outfit Ideas for Short Height Girls

College outfits are of immense importance for all of us. You have to look good at college in order to feel good, right? So scroll on for some of the best tips for short girls that you will ever find!

#18. Casual College Outfits


#17. Wear V Necks

V necks are a great way of adding the illusion of h7 A lace dress like this with a V neck would be great for a college homecoming.


#16. Short Girl’s Accessories for College

There are certain accessories that can help you look much taller than you actually are. For example, when it comes to jewellery, go for pendant necklaces instead of chokers. When choosing handbags, avoid bigger ones. Try hats and scarves, there are certain ways of wearing a scarf (like wearing it as a tie) which can add length to your outfit.


#15. Maxi Dresses

Short girls can look breath taking in a nicely tailored maxi dress. There are some essential tips to keep in mind. For instance, choose a maxi with same colour or print throughout the outfit. Wear heels if you can and choose a maxi which fits you nicely especially at the waist and is long enough to reach your toes. Check out how the beautiful celebrity Vanessa Hudgens is pulling off this look. Perfect if you are planning to go for a walk at the beach like her. Also check out these Trendy maxi dress and fashion accessories.


 #14. Formal/ Prom Night Outfit

A line dresses and dresses with a tail would look perfect for any formal function.


#13. Spring Outfits

For a professional college look, pair up your fared jeans with a nice jacket. Match the colours according to the season or just your mood.


 #12. Summer Outfit


#11. Winter Outfit

Winters are the perfect time to rock your outfit with long boots.


#10. Fall Outfit

Here’s a very hipster look for fall that you can surely try for school or college.


#9. Wear Stripes

This is surely the oldest trick in the book of looking tall. Wearing vertical stripes gives a very elegantly designed height to your outfit.

#8. Monochrome Dresses

Dressing in a single colour from head to toe gives a really nice elongated effect.


#7. The Right Jeans for Short Height

Never ever go for cropped jeans as they never look good on short girls. But what looks best is the flared or bell bottom jeans. To add even more height, wear it with your shirt tucked in and nice long heels.

#6. Best Things come in Small Packages

So embrace your short height and wear some extra short dresses and skirts to show off your beautiful legs.

 #5. Hairstyles for Short Girls

The best hairstyle for a casual look will be a top knot since it’s not just chic but also gives you extra h7

Also, chopping up your hair is not a bad idea as no one can carry short hair as beautifully as a short girl can. Here are some more amazing hairstyles you must give a try.


 #4. Skirts

Just like extra short skirts, the long maxi skirts are perfect for short girls. Midis are certainly not recommended. A long skirt like this will make you appear taller and slimmer.

#3. Short Celebrities – Lady Gaga

Though Lady Gaga is only 5’1″, she appears much taller simply because of her dressing style. Firstly, she almost always wears heels and she chooses the right outfits for her h7


#2. Short Celebrities – Ellen Page

She is also only 5’1″ tall and yet she wears suits and other tom boy outfits in such a chic way that no one can compete.


#1. Short Celebrities – Chandra Wilson

This star earned her fame through the famous tv series “Grey’s Anatomy” and her height is only 5 feet. And yet she is one of the cutest and prettiest celebrities we have. Her style and confidence makes her a great inspiration for all short and chubby girls.


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