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16 Cool DIY Bath Bombs Tutorials For Everyone


16 cool diy bath bombs recipes cover

Tell me what can be better than a relaxing bath after a long hard-working day? To make your bathing experience even more relaxing, luxurious and spa-like, you can add some amazing bath bombs, and if you want something all-natural with your favorite smells or ingredients, make them yourself. Making bath bombs is so easy that anyone can handle that, you can some for yourself or turn them into stunning gifts for your closest.

A basic recipe for every bath bomb is combine citric acid and baking soda in a mixing bowl, you may also and cornstarch, be sure to remove all lumps. Add in colorant if you want any, melted shea or cocoa butter and essential oil and continue to mix. Squeeze a handful together and if it holds, it’s plenty wet.

Essential oils are the key ingredient for every bath bomb because they have lots of various good properties. There exist bath bomb recipes for soothing sore muscles, giving the skin extra moisture, relaxing body and soul, calming your skin after sunburning and for many other things. Your favorite mixture of essential oils in the right proportion is sure to give you joy and help you get rid of stress.

You may give your bath bombs various cool shapes using special forms or just your hands – hearts, balls, teddy bears or even Death Stars if you like them. Add dried flowers of your choice, sprinkles, confetti and herbs – anything that you want to see in your bathtub. Such creative bath bombs make good gifts for your best gals, sisters and mom.

Press mixture into your molds so that it’s firmly packed. Let dry for 24 hours. To speed up the process, you can put the silicone molds into the oven. Bring the oven to 200 degrees F and then turn it off and let the bombs sit in the oven, with it off, for an hour, then cool completely before carefully removing. If bombs don’t yet hold together, let dry longer.

When they are ready, place them in some beautiful jars or other containers of your choice and put into your bathroom to set the right mood, or add wrapping and present to your closets relatives and friends.

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