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15 Stylish Outfit Ideas for Silk Blouses


By this time, silk blouse has become a sartorial classic. Like denim jeans, it’s something we would only need at most 5 pieces but ended up buying a lot of it. With its silky material, the top gives an instant dressy feel to any outfit and you can achieve that luxurious look without spending too much! Also, silk blouses are versatile. It can be worn with anything and to anywhere–from casual wear to job interviews.

But even with its widely known fashion versatility, we still stick with wearing it on the two most common ways of dressing silk blouses: with leggings for a tunic-y vibe or tucked in a pair of slacks for the office.

Ladies, there are thousands of ways to style a silk blouse for any kind of event! And I might be exaggerating there a tad bit but I’ll be giving you some hints of what one dressy silk blouse can offer to your wardrobe. And keep in mind that the following are just a fraction of the many outfit ideas for silk blouses.

  1. Neutral silk blouse and printed or metallic bottom
    One failsafe way of styling a silk blouse is pairing a neutral one with a printed bottom. In this case, the black silk blouse paired with the metallic green skirt is an amazing transitioning outfit from work to the dive club. And the minimal pearl accessory added to the touch of classiness on the upper part of the outfit while the metallic skirt and striped blazer gives a contemporary feel.

    silk blouse and metallic skirt
  2. Printed blouse and neutral skirt
    This one’s the vice versa of the one mentioned above. And the outfit below is a little more conservative and feminine with the earthy floral silk blouse paired with a black skirt. And while the golden costume jewelries give it a classy vintage female look, the black ankle boots contrasts it with a little hint of modern.

    silk blouse printed and skirt
  3. Under an overalls
    With overalls making a comeback this season, this outfit will be great for the summer. Opt for a heeled pumps underneath a ground-grazing wide-legged overalls. Make it slightly loose to match with the silky looseness of the blouse and it’s a refreshing summer street style look.

    silk blouse and overalls black

  4. Under a shortalls
    This one with shortalls is more flirty and playful. And you can show off a good pair of shoes (ankle boots here) with the more exposure of legs. This goes the same with skirtalls.

    silk blouse and shortalls
  5. Under a military jacket
    The military jacket will dress down the silk blouse and make it wearable casually. The bright orange blouse underneath and the blue statement necklace gives a summery feeling while the neutral shorts and military jacket is casual.

    silk blouse and military jackets
  6. Under a band jacket
    The tailored band jacket and leather pants gives a boyish look while fitting well with the silk blouse underneath.

    silk blouse and band jacket
  7. Under a men’s suit jacket
    For an ultimate androgynous look, wear an actual men’s suit jacket instead of an oversized women’s. The vintage printed silk blouse tucked under a high waisted denim is feminine and so is the strappy heels. But the sleek bob, suit jacket and loose pants are a hint of masculinity.

    silk blouse and denim mensuit
  8. With pleated skirt
    This is definitely a perfect girly or flirty outfit for the season. And the nude pink pumps with the blue bow applique adds it all up.

    silk blouse and pleated skirt
  9. With leather skirt
    This is a more mature blouse-and-skirt outfit combination and is definitely wearable to work if the silk blouse is layered underneath a tailored blazer. Take the blazer out, and you’re ready for party.

  10. A tunic-y vibe with mini skirt
    You don’t just get to achieve the tunic-y look with leggings. For summer, go for something appropriate for the warmer season and wear the blouse untuck with a skirt that’s a few inches longer.

    silk blouse untuck and skirt
  11. With midi skirt
    This is another fresher summer outfit. You can either tuck the entire blouse in or frat tuck, just tucking a side of the shirt. The suede desert boots adds to the outfit.

  12. With a pair of slouchy slacks
    If you want to look casual cool and feel comfortable then a loose silk blouse paired with boyfriend trousers will do the trick. Cinch a belt to your waist for some shape to your silhouette. Keep your accessories and shoes minimalistic yet feminine.

    silk blouse and army pants mules
  13. With skinny jeans
    Nothing beats the contrasting balance of loose top and fitted bottom…well, other than a delightful contrast to smooth silky textured top layered under a fur-ish blazer.

    silk blouse and green pants

  14. With high waisted shorts
    There is a certain vintage classy feel to this outfit. And it just doesn’t go down to the two-toned Peter Pan collar blouse, form-flattering high waisted shorts, slim-fit tights and brown leather boots. Even the fly-away bob with fringe reminds me of Nancy Drew in a preppy classy kind of way.

    classy silk blouse and high waist shorts
  15. With matching vest and bottom
    The tricky thing with vests is that they are usually tailored and boxy in shape. So to avoid it from un-flattering you, pair it with a peplum-hemlined skirt or skinny jeans and keep your silk blouse fit yet still makes you free to stretch your arms.

    silk blouse and vest

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