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15 Best Bandana Outfits Combinations for Perfect Bandana Look


Because my partner is constantly wearing bandanas we have them everywhere in our house. He uses them for work, because he is a chef, as well as day to day wear with his own personal style. But what about the ladies? how to wear bandana outfits? What styles are great with bandanas? What colours and patterns are acceptable? Outfit Trends has this article to answer these queries.

It is wise to bear in mind that the style of bandana you choose should match your chosen image. So, for this article I will be outlining a few simple bandana style ideas and then following them with some images. Do check out 25 Cute Grunge Fashion Outfit Ideas to Try This Season?


Bandanas are frequently seen throughout the gothic subculture. They are worn as a normal bandana, rolled for the ladies or even as neckwear. Patterns on bandanas for the gothic community are vast. From skulls and flames to bikes and band logos, the average Goth is spoilt for choice when it comes to this type of accessory. Even just plain black or red bandanas are acceptable in this subculture. via.

One of the original bandana influences for vintage junkies came from ‘Rosie the Riveter’. via. With her powerful message to women everywhere on being strong and sticking together, the bandana headwear became a fashion essential in the vintage scene. Worn just like Rosie or rolled and tied, any lady can achieve the vintage look. This style of bandana can include such as paisley, floral, polka dots and even animal print. For a modern vintage look why not match bandanas with shorts?For more inspiration why not also have a look at 25 Cute Ideas on How To Get A Perfect Vintage Look

Bandana Swag Style

The swag image sees bandanas more as an included garment pattern than an actual accessory. However this is never limited. Jeans, dungarees, jackets and t-shirts can all have bandana styling for both ladies and guys. This does not mean however that they cannot be worn as neck or headwear. Black and white is a typical colour combination for swag style and this is commonly seen with bandanas also.

Bandanas as a Summer Accessory

Although not only limited to summer, bandanas are a very common accessory for most outfits all year round. They are fantastic for adding splashes of colour to any outfit regarding colours do at least match or contrast well. They are also a great lightweight item which can be a replacement for the far more weighty and bulky hat. Versatile for any image, bandanas have the upper hand in clothing as the opportunities and ways to wear them is completely endless. via.

Check out how the ladies and celebrities below wear their bandanas and use them as great accessories. From these images gain inspiration for your own bandana look.

Vintage Bandana Outfit Ideas

Lace Bandana


 Vintage Dungarees and Bandana


 Vintage Shag Coat and Bandana Combi


 Bandana and Shorts Combi- casual bandana Style


 Goth and Biker Bandana Ideas

 Biker Chic


 Gothic/Punk Style Zebra Print Bandana Outfit


Gothic Rockabilly Style


 Summer Biker Bandana Style


Street Swag Bandana Outfit Ideas

Black and White Swag


 Rhianna’s Swag Style with Bandana-Celebrities Style


 American Themed Swag Style


 Bandana Influenced Jeans


Celebrities In Bandanas

 Christina Aguilera


 Jennifer Lopez


 Lady Gaga


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