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14 Fabulous Ways To Wear Yellow This Summer


It seemed so unexpected how yellow became one of the biggest color trends this summer. Everyone from A-listers, fashion bloggers, and fashion street stars are incorporating the color to their summer wardrobe and it’s a wonderful surprise. Yellow is too bright and too loud of a color. And it’s certainly not something you want to wear if your playing it safe.

But like everything else, yellow has its own appeal, too. Yes, it’s definitely a bold color but because it’s a bold color that you don’t necessarily needs too much of it in your outfit to give that certain vibrant and pop that you will need.

Here are 12 awesome ways to wear yellow this summer.

Yellow and Brown

It’s seemed like the best color to pair with yellow is brown. They do possess some similar hues and brown harmonizes well with yellow in such a way that it tones it down and makes it totally wearable as a casual wear.

yellow floral skirt and brown coat yellow dress and brown bag

Yellow and Black

Everyone finds black and yellow to be a tricky color combination. For one thing, you might look like a bee or a caution sign. The trick is to stay away from two-toned pieces wherein the two colors it has are yellow and black. Also, stay away from stripes or checks that uses this color combo. Instead incorporate one yellow piece to a supposedly all-black outfit. The yellow will give a pop of color.

yellow and black
yellow maxi skirt slit and tank top

Yellow and White

This color combination reminds me so much of sunny side up and that’s good because it’s summer. A chicer way to wear this color combo casually is by choosing a yellow garment in a lighter shade. For a sleeker look, you can wear a brighter yellow that’s nearly orange.

sheer yellow shirt yellow and white

Yellow and Gray

Yellow and gray is the least known combination and it must be known. The beautiful balance between the contrasting dullness of gray and the instant pop of yellow is stunning. You can wear this color combo whether the weather’s gloomy or sunny and you’d still look great.

yellow blazer and gray pants yellow and gray

Yellow and Purple

Two bright colors usually clash together. But what I like about these two colors is how perfect they are for the season. If you want to play it safe, choose either of the two colors to be bold while the other one remains muted.

yellow and purple yellow and purple outfit

Yellow and Coral

Another bright color combined perfectly. This is also perfect for the summer. For this, you have the option of whether you take a darker shade of yellow or coral and pair it with a brighter coral or yellow respectively.

yellow and coral outfit yellow and coral

Yellow and Blue

What I like most about yellow is that you can wear them with any bright color and it will still look great. Also, it’s a perfect match for blue since they are slightly complementary. You can take the route of Taylor Swift and give it a little touch of preppiness, too.

yellow heels and clutch yellow pleated skirt and blue top preppy

Yellow on yellow

Yes, ladies. You can sport a yellow on yellow outfit! The trick to this is to pair two different shades together.

yellow on yellow sheer blouse and skirt yellow on yellow flare pants

Yellow and Leather

When you think of yellow and leather, you’d think of some similar guides with yellow and black. But you can head off to a more unexpected choice of leather in another color. Like, say, pink is great, right?

yellow dress and leather jacket yellow peplum top and leather pants yellow printed top and pink pencil skirt

Yellow and Lace

There is an abundance of femininity and cheerfulness in an outfit consisting of yellow and lace. And that’s the kind of feeling you want to exert during summer: playful, happy, bright and completely female.

yellow skirt and lacy top yellow shoes and lace

Yellow and Denim

You don’t necessarily have to incorporate too much of yellow in your outfit. A little touch of it, like yellow heels or yellow blazer, will instantly make your denim outfit less boring and normcore.

yellow shoes neon yellow blazer and ripped jeans

Yellow in the Office

You can go put a little brightness to your office wear all you want here. Just remember to find a piece that’s tailored and sleek. For instance, a tailored sailor pants or a plain yellow blouse in boxy silhouette.

boxy yellow skirt and yellow wide legged pants

Yellow Prints

For yellow prints, you can either go for a subtle attire that will look great for casual events or jump and take some fashion risks with mix printing separates that have yellow in them.

yellow stripe tank top yellow prints outfit

Yellow Bags and Accessories

Like I said, it’s not necessary to sport an all-out yellow. If you’re hesitant, try to start with the little things: shoes, bags, jewelries. Add them to your wardrobes and use them in your ensembles until you’ll be ready to wear an in-your-face yellow dress.

yellow bag and blue outfit yellow tote bag miley cyrus yellow necklace statement yellow statement necklace

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